All Things Wellness : Featuring Helen Hall

I love following people who are inspiring, motivational, push people to do better, that are creative, and promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle so I thought it would be a fun idea to highlight wellness influencers who go out of their way to promote a healthy lifestyle! This week I am featuring Helen Hall who started Hushup + Hustle and is constantly going out of her way to not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but also giving you the information for the why behind it. She gives so much information, tips, and ideas on her instagram stories she makes it easy for people to learn more about nutrition and fitness. Helen also makes blender bombs which are AMAZING. I add them to my smoothies because its an easy way to get more nutrients without buying many different products. She is rocking it with different flavors, monthly memberships, recipes, she hosts challenges, she posts a lot of information on her instagram stories so watch those you wont be disappointed. Watch out for a giveaway because you all are going to want to try these!


Helen, what made you want to start Hushup + Hustle?

So the reason I started HUSHUP + HUSTLE is to answer the question about health and fitness that are unanswered. College is supposed to be the best 4 years of your life, but unfortunately for a lot of girls it’s a miserable experience. Not because college itself is miserable, but because girls feel like they are just thrown into this new life that they have no control over. In high school your parents are the ones who go grocery shopping, fix your meals, take you to and from sports practice and games. Then when you go to college you have no idea how to eat well for your body and no idea how to exercise. That’s why I started my account and the blender bombs!! The BB’s make eating healthy easier, and the account is to help yo get a clear picture of what a healthy balanced life is all about.

In college I gained 30 pounds. While trying to lose the weight, I failed 100 times before I found what actually worked. There’s a ton of weight loss marketing out there that I fell prey to, and many other girls fall prey to as well. Quick weight loss isn’t the answer, it’s a lifestyle change that is necessary.

If you all want to check out her website it’s Hushup + Hustle Website

(her website has recipes, gives more information and ingredients about the blender bombs she sells, and monthly memberships that you can opt into if you choose)

If you want awesome tips to start eating healthier, tips on working out, tips on all things wellness her instagram link is here Helen Hall


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