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All Things Wellness: Morning Routines


I use to not have a morning routine, I would wake up late, because I need 10 alarms to wake me up and I would snooze every one of them. I would rush around and automatically get into a stressed out, hot mess kind of mood. I would always be running late because I didn’t have a routine in place, I would always start my day in a bad mood because I felt rushed and that irritated me, yet I wouldn’t do anything to change that. My entire day would be formed with an irritated outlook and that didn’t sit well with me. After a while, this realization took a little bit of time to accept that I needed to change something.

Why you need a morning routine:

  • So you don’t spend your day pissed off
  • So you aren’t frazzled and your anxiety doesn’t sky rocket
  • So you have a better work ethic by being on time consistently
  • So you don’t have that rushed feeling and can actually enjoy your mornings
  • So you can have some solitude to yourself before you start your day
  • So you can have YOU time before waking up the kids
  • So you can start your day with something that you actually enjoy
  • So you can decrease your stress level

My Morning Routine:

I keep changing my morning routine because I am trying to get up two hours before I have wake Brielle up but its a work in progress because I am not an early morning person. I noticed though when I tried a challenge called the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod I felt amazing and a much nicer person to be around in the morning! Check out that book here: The Miracle Morning

  • I wake up at 6:30 am and the first thing  I do is turn on Spotify and make a Matcha Latte.
  • I usually then edit a blog post so that during the day I can just post it during my lunch break and not have to worry about it.
  • I drink a lot of drinks in the morning matcha, green tea, hot water + lemon & water.
  • I am not usually really hungry in the morning so I usually just make my Matcha Bulletproof and bring a yogurt + chia seeds. Its quick, simple, and easy to take with me. If I am really feeling hungry I will grab some fruit, or I will make a smoothie to go. I really thrive on quick, and easy
  • After I drop Brielle off and get to work, I have a gratitude journal that I use because I’ve noticed that if I continue to use it, my moods will change to a more positive note.
  • I took my essential oil diffuser to work and I diffuse lemon + wild orange and it’s so nice.
  • While at work I will listen to podcasts mostly the entire time, it makes my day go that much better.

That’s really it, I try to do things that make me happy in the morning before work like listening to music, making my favorite drink, having time to myself, editing blog posts so that I am in a good mood at the start of my day instead of feeling angry because I’m rushed and I have to go to work and that’s the beginning of my day every single day no thanks. I think it’s always important to add things in or switch up your routine for example I would really like to add yoga, and Bible journaling into my morning routine but in order for me to do that I have to wake up two hours before I need to wake Brielle up, so it’s a work in progress but I am telling you a morning routine will change your day and you will feel 10x better.


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