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January 2018

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Wellness Wednesday: Featuring Sam Coley

Skin Resolutions You Should Keep for 2018 The end of January is here, and it’s about that time for people to flush their New Year’s resolutions down the toilet. While it’s good to think about new goals for the New Year, it’s important to stick with them. Sure, I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, whatever, I’ve heard this all before.” I get it—making goals and keeping them is difficult. That’s why you need to set realistic ones that will be…

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18 In Lifestyle

Exploring Columbus: Week Two

I have been having so much fun exploring Columbus lately, I am finding the cutest little spots. I definitely am finding a love for this city, but only in the day, I still need to be in bed by 9:00 pm ha ha. Next time your in Columbus, Ohio take a stop at these places. Here’s some highlights to my little tour of German Village and all the cuteness it had to offer. Let me just say this is my…

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Support Saturday: BootayBag

It’s that time of the month y’all.. you know the time of the month when you receive BootayBag in the mail and all is well?! Let me just tell you how refreshing it is to get BootayBag in the mail. Firstly because it’s not a bill, and secondly every month is adorable with different colors and it’s two pairs for $12.00 a month now that’s a subscription I can get behind.. I hope you enjoyed that pun right there 🙂…

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35 In Mindset

Weekend Finds

I made it a point that in 2018 I want to get more out of my comfort zone, and go find newer places. I have been exploring downtown Columbus recently and I have to say I have been finding some of the cutest places. Thanks to @nibbleinthe614, she has been showing me the good spots. Here’s to exploring and finding cute spots close to home. First stop: Staufs Coffee Roasters This place was so busy, and so adorable. When you…

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Support Saturday: MereDee Designs

I just have to take a minute to rave about MereDee Designs. Not only because everything she makes is adorable, but she is an amazing person as well! I love meeting people who have a kind soul and who are creative its a win-win I’d say. You all should check out the things she makes you wont be disappointed 🙂 Here’s some of my favorites:  She makes headbands for kids, how cute is this! When I actually get Brielle to…

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Smoothie’s are where it’s at

You all know I favor anything that’s on the go, but if it’s also healthy that’s a plus. I think it’s easy to think eating healthy has to be difficult and take a lot of work. Well I am lazy so I am here to tell you that it can be quite easy all you have to do is take time to meal prep and you are golden 🙂 Reasons why smoothies are the SHIT: Easy, convenient, on the go…

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30 In Mindset

25 tips to rock your year

Own your shit I put this as the very first one because I feel like to make any progress in our growth this is the biggest obstacle we face, not owning our own shit. If we want to be better, to have a better quality of life we need to own the things that we do that do not help our growth. Whatever it may be that hinders our growth, whether that’s anxiety, procrastination, not following through, exhaustion, stress, unhealthy…

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Support Saturday: Pique Tea

I am 110 percent a tea lover, so basically anytime I get sent a tea to try I am the happiest person in the world. I tried Pique Tea for the first time for the past couple of weeks and I have fallen in love. I really enjoy the hibiscus mint its fruitful but not too sweet with a hint of mint which flows together perfectly. I also had a variety pack which was perfect to take to work because…

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All the goods from Farm Wife Boutique

I really like Instagram, but one of the main reasons is because of all the cute boutiques that I find. It isn’t good for my bank account, but I cant stop wont stop. I came across Farm Wife Boutique and instantly fell in love with them. Not only do they have amazing customer service, but their clothes are adorable. I recently was able to try a few products and I loved them all, especially the quality of their clothes. Here’s…

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