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February 2018

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February Favorites

I thought it would be fun to incorporate a monthy favorites post about the products that I can’t get enough of, I love finding new things, so I thought it would be great if I shared some really awesome products that I have been using! Here are my favorite things from Feburary definitely check some of them out, you wont be dissapointed 🙂 Collagen Peptides in to go style – These babies are the bees knees, collagen is good for…

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February Book Roundup

  Good Books:  1. Radical Self Love (Gala Darling) hands down the best book that I have ever read. This book gives you a kick in the right direction. If you are looking for any type of self care book right now I highly recommend this one. She helps you find ways to love  yourself and I think we all could use a little bit of that. 2. Unfiltered (Lily Collins) – Just like the title states this book is…

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Support Saturday: Organic to Green

I hope you all are enjoying these support Saturday’s as much as I am, I love talking about brands that have really good products, and products that I use daily! I first tried Organic to Green when I won some of their Coco Oils in a giveaway, and I loved them! I really loved the fact that I could put them right in my purse and that they can be used for many things a cleanser, make up remover, shaving…

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Wellness Wednesday: Talking Essential Oils with @1oilforlife

In the past year, I have been loving learning about Essential Oils and how I can incorporate them into my daily routine. I am not going to lie though, I definitely stick to my little group of favorites which are Lavender, Cedarwood, Wild Orange, Lemon, and Balance but I thought it would be awesome to have a little Q + A with my friend Lindsay who is rocking this essential oil world! I hope you all gain a little bit…

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Don’t get Bitter, get Better

They say “Don’t get bitter, get better”, I’m working on switching them letters – LeCrae I heard this in a song awhile ago, and it’s so true. What does being bitter mean to you because to me it’s been the last five years. For the last five years I have been bitter over so many things, angry at the world. I was bitter about leaving a job that I loved, I was bitter about my relationship not working out, I…

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Wellness Wednesdays: Featuring

I think that one of the most common misconceptions about exercise is all the have-to’s. You HAVE TO do cardio everyday. You HAVE TO workout for an hour at a time. And so on… The have-to’s of exercise are what deferred me from getting started for so long. I had the misconception that I had to be on the treadmill for an hour plus in order for it to count as a “good workout.” There was absolutely nothing appealing to…

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Support Saturday: Podcasts that rock

I really, I mean really enjoy listening to podcasts. I start my day with a podcast, listen to them throughout the day, and end my night with a podcast. I just think so much information is on these podcasts, I just want to learn and listen constantly. I really like a variety I like inspirational, motivational, crime, comedy, and wellness. Here’s a few that I think are worth a listen 🙂 1.  Elevation Church I am going to have to start with…

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Wellness Wednesday: Featuring @laus_healthy_life

Why Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat & why you need more of it in your life       I think we have all heard how fat is bad for us & that “fat will make you fat,” luckily I am  here to tell you if you haven’t already heard it yet that this is SO far from the truth. If fact, healthy fats are actually amazing for our bodies. They nourish our brain, they help us make hormones, they…

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Spend Saturday’s Exploring

Spending Saturday’s exploring and brunching with friends has started becoming one of my favorite things to do. I think a lot has to do with the fact that I am a mom so any time I get a few hours to myself it would be nice no matter what I am doing! I just really enjoy coffee, food, and conversation! Here is some really wonderful places you have to check out next time you are in Columbus, Ohio  We randomly…

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Support Saturday: Cocokind Skincare

In the last year I realized how important it was to truly start taking care of my skin, and to really start looking into what I was using daily and how I could find a skincare routine that was: 1. Affordable 2. Actually good for my skin  3. A quick and easy routine I found that through Instagram actually I kept seeing things about a Matcha stick which obviously caught my eye so I started looking into more products and…

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