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Wellness Wednesday: Featuring @laus_healthy_life

Why Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat & why you need more of it in your life

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I think we have all heard how fat is bad for us & that “fat will make you fat,” luckily I am

 here to tell you if you haven’t already heard it yet that this is SO far from the truth. If fact, healthy fats are actually amazing for our bodies. They nourish our brain, they help us make hormones, they allow us to feel satisfied and full therefore helping with cravings and appetite regulation, they lubricate your intestines, they help balance hormones- do you want me to keep going? Because I totally can. They are incredible & I am beyond obsessed with them & making sure I have enough of them in my diet.

Fortunately, for us the days of “low fat” & “fat free” are (slowly) coming to an end. If you are still opting for the low or no fat options I am seriously urging (begging) you to stop that. When companies remove fat from their food products they will in turn add extra sugar in order to make their product actually taste edible. This is NOT a good thing; you don’t want to get me started on sugar or I will go on & on– that stuff has zero nutritional benefit & does much more harm than good. Sugar is the main cause of many health epidemics facing north America today (obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, etc.). If you want to lose weight, gain more energy, sleep better, have better skin, eat your healthy fats & skip out on the sugar (please!). When grocery shopping opt for full fat yogurts, full fat cheese (if you can handle dairy), full fat coconut milk- make sure its full fat before you buy it! Yes, it will have more calories than the low or no fat options BUT the thing is that you will actually end up eating less & feeling satisfied much quicker because fat stimulates hormones to be released telling your brain that you are full.

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What are my favorite ways to get healthy fats into my diet? I have to start with my #1: coconut butter (aka coconut manna), I have to warn you, this stuff is delicious & you will become obsessed after trying it. I buy a jar & melt it in the microwave for 45-60 seconds, then mix it all up very well & eating it by the spoonful or over a couple squares of 90% dark chocolate, seriously add this stuff to your next grocery list. My #2 go-to healthy fat is avocado &/or avocado oil. Adding fresh avocado chunks or homemade guacamole to salads, toast, smoothies, or even homemade pesto (I will share a few of my favourite recipes below using avocado). Avocado oil is going to be your new best friend when it comes to roasting, frying, sautéing, or anything that requires heat-why? Because many people use olive oil for these cooking techniques & while it has incredible nutritional value when consumed raw it actually degrades at high temperatures, becoming rancid & losing most of its value. This is because, unlike avocado oil, it has a low smoke point, & therefore cannot be heated at high temperatures & retain its nutritional value at the same time. So go for avocado oil when cooking & stick to olive oil for salad dressings or raw dishes. The 3rd healthy fat I want to talk about today is MCT oil. This stuff is pure magic. It can help with weight loss as it increases metabolism, improves energy & brain function, helps balance hormones & SO much more. I love adding this to coffee & blending with collagen and a bit of ghee (clarified butter) or coconut oil- it gets so creamy & delicious & will seriously keep you full for hours & regulate your appetite throughout the day.

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So by now you know a little bit about why I am such a huge fan of healthy fats- try incorporating more into your day & I promise you will start to feel the effects. Start slow & add more over time. For recipes that are low in sugar & high in those beneficial healthy fats be sure to follow me on Instagram: @laus_healthy_life & check out my YouTube channel!

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