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I think that one of the most common misconceptions about exercise is all the have-to’s.

You HAVE TO do cardio everyday.
You HAVE TO workout for an hour at a time.
And so on…
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The have-to’s of exercise are what deferred me from getting started for so long. I had the misconception that I had to be on the treadmill for an hour plus in order for it to count as a “good workout.” There was absolutely nothing appealing to me about that. To this day, I despise cardio.
To me, it sounded more appealing to do absolutely nothing at all (and be unhappy in my body). than to do exercise I didn’t enjoy. I had never tried anything else because I didn’t know anything else. I didn’t know how to correctly do a squat, lift weights, or do anything else. I was embarrassed to try any of those at the gym for fear of looking silly. So I went to the gym, did my half hour on the elliptical, a few sit-ups and called it good. Except it wasn’t good, I was so unhappy because I didn’t see the results to go with it.
It wasn’t until I had discovered weight lifting and learned how to do it that I actually loved exercise. I didn’t want to look silly so I YouTubed how to do exercises correctly. I wanted my form to be perfect, and I wanted to show the boys at the gym that I knew what I was doing. Finding a new form of exercise that I actually enjoyed was empowering. I made the changes to my daily routine and my nutrition and I watched my body change before my eyes.
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This may have never happened had I tried to do it with cardio everyday. I tell my clients on a regular basis, you have to ENJOY what you are doing, because exercise is supposed to be fun, not a chore.
So what form of exercise is FUN to get your body moving? Do THAT!
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  • Jillian
    February 21, 2018

    This is SO relatable! #alsohatecardio

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