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5 Reasons Weights Are Better Than Cardio

If you would have come up to me a few years ago and tried to argue that weights were better than cardio then I wouldn’t have believed you. I would have said “no way, running burns way more calories” or “weights just make you bulky” just to find out years later it’s the exact opposite. The more I have gotten into working out and trying to better myself, the more I have realized that weights are BETTER than cardio and here are five reasons why.

Strength training helps boost your metabolism giving you more long term results!

Metabolism is what turns the food you eat into energy for your body. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest and cardio isn’t going to help you gain the muscle you need to do that! Total body resistance and weight training offers a workout that lasts up to 48 hours after you finish your actual work out! Muscle recovery and repair that occurs post work out helps to boost your metabolism and burn more calories! Who doesn’t love burning calories in their sleep?

The more muscle mass you have, the less body fat you will have. …And it takes strength training to achieve this.

Training specific muscles will help that specific area look better. That is one thing I can’t do with running. I can’t say I want a booty (who doesn’t want a nice booty) then try and run for it. Weight lifting helps reshape your body, giving you tone and definition, rather than only making you smaller. Everyone wants less body fat but why not tone and reshape your muscles while you’re doing it?

Weights don’t necessarily make you “bulky”.

I’m not saying there aren’t bulky looking people out there, but they are achieving that look for a reason. Bodybuilders get “bulky” on purpose and do other things to achieve that look like bulk up their diet. Like I have said, weights help tone your muscle and help shred fat. I don’t see myself as bulky and I have been weight training for years. It will allow you to have stronger muscles than cardio but that is because it works more muscles than cardio does. If you lift weights and eat a caloric deficit of actual healthy food, then you burn the fat that is on top of the muscle to get a more toned look you want while also burning fat.

Weight lifting benefits your balance, coordination, posture and flexibility.

Building muscle allows you to stand taller and have better posture. This leaves a lasting benefit on your back. Having better posture comes with a large network of strong muscles that you will achieve by lifting weights rather than running on a treadmill. Also, tight muscles help to hold your skeleton allowing you to sit and stand straighter and more comfortably. This will also allow you to lift and carry things a little easier.

Reduces your chance of injury.

Stronger muscles are less likely give way in large amounts of stress and are less likely to be injured due to muscle pulls. Having strong bones and muscles in more than just a few parts of your body, will reduce back and knee pain due to the building of muscles around those areas.

By no means am I saying not to do any cardio! I’m saying don’t only rely on cardio for your weight loss needs. Cardio has a lot of benefits itself but add some weights to your next workout for quicker and better results. I promise you will begin seeing the results soon!

McKenzie Wofford

Blog: www.dioranddoughnuts.com

Instagram: @mckenziewofford

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    March 28, 2018 at 12:12 am

    Omg! This post rocks! I lift weights more than I do cardio and I’ve noticed the results!!

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