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The Many Faces of Perseverance: Featuring Terez Erickson

Who you choose to surround yourself with, you become. A scary thought? Not if you are intentionally building a life you love and are proud of. Many people of all walks of life fill our time, our energy, our thought processes, and are feeding our experiences of every day to day life. Gradually, our quality of living conforms to the standards of those around us. It is necessary to be wise about who those around us are if we want to take ourselves to the next level.

Who you aspire to become, the results you want to achieve in life, and the life you desire to create breathes in your life vision. To understand that to bring this vision to life we must accept the reality that we cannot do it on our own. We are not invulnerable to our environments, energy, and the people we interact with. We impact others daily and others impact us daily. Human connection is a beautiful thing and can bring so much value to our lives! It can also be detrimental to our quality of life if we are not wisely intentional about the ones we keep closest to us.

Do you want to be successful? Then surround yourself with successful leaders who will influence you to rise to their level. Do you want to lead a joy-filled life? Then surround yourself with those who intentionally fill their lives with joy and can mentor you in how to master this. Do you want to create a vibrant and abundant life you love? Then surround yourself with people who are living vibrant and abundant lives. Do you want to wake up each morning feeling excited and hopeful for the day? Then surround yourself with people who do, who will motivate you in how, and who instill hope within you. Do you want to learn how to love yourself better? Then surround yourself with people who have developed self-love and can empower you with their life lessons. Do you want to break free from depression? Then surround yourself with those who have. Do you want to cultivate meaningful relationships that last? Then surround yourself with genuine people of integrity who value people and not use them. Do you want to bring your purpose, passion, and vision to life? Then surround yourself with people who powerfully do this in their own lives every day. You become like those you surround yourself with.

Naturally, we gravitate toward people who think like we do, feel like we do, and behave as we do. If we are miserable in our lives then needless to say we find comfort in others who feel our pain as well. You know how the saying goes: misery likes company. As comforting as it may feel to settle in this atmosphere of self-pity and experience a sense of belonging with those who reciprocate our emotions, how self-sabotaging it is! It only leads to a slippery slope of unhealthy living. Nothing will change if we make a living in our comfort zones. Some are quite content with this. Those who desire to climb out and experience new life will not be feeding themselves the support system they need if they are surrounded by people who pull them back down. What a struggle it be to climb uphill when surrounded by those who drain you, discourage you, and find no reason worth the climb. Their energy, spirits, mood, and outlook on life adjust you into their pattern of living. Ever been around someone who resembled a rain cloud? Always glum, negative, complaining, putting people down, and raining on everyone’s parade? You know the type. Their vibe influences your own beat and I think we can agree that it is not very pleasant. It knocks the wind out of our sails.

We must seek to surround ourselves with those who live the life we want. Their energy, mastery, values, vision, and quality of life PULLS you into operating at a higher level. This draws you toward adapting qualities of excellence that will transform your everyday quality of life into excellence. What you have been telling yourself you should do in your life transforms into a must and your goals become your new standards. Your to-do lists become outcomes and your dream life evolves into real life. It all boils down to ONE QUESTION.

What do you want out of life?

 Search out those people who will increase your momentum to achieving it. Learn from them. One of my absolute favorite quotes was said by Confucius: “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” I raise my glass to this! Find people who can pull you to greater heights and who can influence you to do more than you are already doing. There is ALWAYS room to grow, improve, and develop. We are all life learners. If you wish to be excellent then surround yourself with excellence so that you too can learn to become excellent. These influential leaders will help you gain the knowledge, skills, and habits needed to become who you aspire to be, to obtain the results you want, and to master the life you value. Begin to be intentional of who you choose to feed you.

Read books, find mentors, watch videos, seek out a support group, soak up success stories like a sponge, absorb as much as you can from powerful people who you aspire to be like and are living with the results you want. Whether that be your business, relationships, family life, physical body, emotional or mental health, finances, spirituality, or any other area that you place value on, learn from masters who can educate you so that you can learn mastery. Once you become intentional crazy awesomeness begins to happen. Your standards rise. Your energy changes. Your thoughts change. Your behaviors change. Your direction and momentum change. You take transformation by storm! It happened to me.

If I could have a sit down talk with my younger self this is what I would tell her. I’d say she better take a look at who she fills her life with because that is exactly who she is going to become. If she’s got ambitions, big ideas, and a vision then she better surround herself with empowering people who bring all of her to life, otherwise she will slowly settle for mediocrity. I never was one for lukewarm living so I finally made a choice. I chose to grow in prudence and invest myself in developing a better sense for the kind of people I wanted to be locking arms with. People who encourage me, motivate me, teach me, and pull me to a higher level. I learned that when I surround myself with excellence the excellence somewhere deep within me begins to reveal.

This is what I want for you too. I want you to be living a life of vitality! I want you bouncing out of bed every morning confident in who you are and excited to tackle the day. I want you falling in love with yourself and the life you are intentionally creating. I want you joyful, smiling, and developing skills of life mastery so that you can be living your dream life and also able to reach down and help pull up the next person. I want your quality of life beaming with so much vibrancy you are radiant even when it is raining cats and dogs. I want you feeling loved, hopeful, and empowered. I want you proudly living a life that is align with your values and feeling no shame in doing so. I want you shocking the world because I believe you have the guts to do it. Who you are and the example you lead will attract and inspire others who desire the same life of abundance. This is how you change the world.


Bio: Terez is a Life Mastery Coach and blogger. She is passionate for empowering others to lead successful and fulfilling lives by maximizing their quality of life through authentic and joy-filled living. She belives that each human being has the power and resources within themselves to transform any hot mess into living the dream and loves sharing her personal story of how she succeeded at this herself. To learn how to bring YOUR purpose, passion, and vision to life, visit www.InspireMe.love.

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