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Bloggers: Consistency over Negativity

BLOGGING  It such a passion isn’t it you get inspired you get to share what you love, you get to connect with other like minded people, and truly grow as a person that is why I love it so much. I have gained so much experience and have learned so much about myself throughout my blogging journey and It brings so much happiness to my life. I think the important thing is, is that we all get very discouraged sometimes…

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The Many Faces of Perseverance: Topic Rejections were just guiding me into the right direction

Growing up you’re always asked, what do you want to be when you grow up? Now that I’m the Sr. Marketing Manager at TuneGO and teach others how to run social media marketing for businesses, via my online course and blog, people always ask me…is this what you always wanted to do? To answer that simply…no. When I was a child I wanted to be a veterinarian or the next Britney Spears, one of the two. I realized I can’t…

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Finding Balance

I use to have a really hard time with finding balance, I would either be too overwhelmed or I would have feelings of the fact that I don’t feel like I am doing enough ,or pushing myself enough. I would go from one extreme to another and what would happen would be that I would try to take on too many things at once and then become overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted. & to be honest I still have to constantly…

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Blogging Tips: Facebook Groups

I LOVE FACEBOOK, because it seriously has provided such a huge community and I have met so many great people who have been so helpful on this blogging journey. I am a part of a lot of amazing groups, and I thought it would be great to share them below! If you want awesome community, advice, and constant tips on how to grow, and build your blog here is some groups to be a part of: -Blogging Communties & Support:…

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The Many Faces of Perseverance: Topic Talking About Your Failures and Issues

Topic: Talking About Your Failures and Issues You know the feeling. You look at your growing to-do list, and then your blog. Its been over two weeks since you’ve last posted, and somehow you can’t think of anything else to talk about! It goes far beyond writer’s block, its a complete overwhelming feeling of not having enough hours in the day. As a blogger who goes to school full time, works 30+ hours a week and somehow tried to sustain…

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Blogging Tips: Pinterest Groups

Bloggers The biggest thing that has helped me continue to blog, is building a community, and have other like minded people backing you up and supporting you. That’s where Pinterest Groups come in. I wanted to round up a list of the Pinterest Groups that  I am a part of that have really helped me and given me a sense of community. Pinterst Groups: To Join these groups remember to check the caption to see what each group requires you to…

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The Many Faces of Perseverance: Topic Transcending your Limiting Beliefs

Transcending your limiting beliefs   I grew up pretty early by 19 I was already married had my first child at 20 yrs everything happened in a flash i was young and so was my husband we both had no idea where life would take us,just two young individuals in love kinda learning life lessons on our own I lost my identity living in  the shadow of my other half trying to be the perfect wife and mother,putting all my…

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Wellness Wednesday: Essential Oils info Session on Young Living

Let’s talk natural wellness with essential oils. For the past 7 months, I’ve been making so many changes in my life. I’ve always been a high-stress, anxious person that also struggles with getting a good sleep. My mood was low, I was hating having the leave the house and I needed something to change. I heard about essential oils and thought, what do I have to lose? I grabbed my Young Living starter kit and haven’t looked back since. Those…

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