The Many Faces of Perseverance: Topic Transcending your Limiting Beliefs

Transcending your limiting beliefs


I grew up pretty early by 19 I was already married had my first child at 20 yrs everything happened in a flash i was young and so was my husband we both had no idea where life would take us,just two young individuals in love kinda learning life lessons on our own

I lost my identity living in  the shadow of my other half trying to be the perfect wife and mother,putting all my dreams and vision in a tightly closed box 4 kids after i began to feel trapped and my gut told me i wasn’t living my full purpose.


The hurt,infidelity and pain increased day by day,by this i was ready to JUMP not knowing if i was going to fly or fall but either way i was hungry for sucess,self confidence, self esteem and i wanted my identity back because i knew i deserved more  something extraordinary than the limiting life i was living.


I was scared beyond ordinary but i realized that the fear i had was just a story i made up in my head about something that has not even happened yet.deep within i knew that i was capable of accomplishing my goals despite my fearful thoughts,all i had to do was replace my negative thoughts with positive ones,what did  i have to loose,plus i had to provide for my children which was my main why and reason not to give up but to win.


I loved the idea of women empowerment because i knew what it was like to feel powerless i wanted other women to become liberated just the way that i did i wanted to be a source of help and comfort to those seeking help.

I had to find a way to get my message across to those who needed to know that they are capable and competent to ditch that limited mindset and free their life from self sarbotage, you can have that awesome life you dream of,start the business you have always wanted to but first you have to believe in yourself because if you don’t have confidence in you then no one else will.


I studied the market took courses and hired coaches because i needed guidance to bring out what was already inside me and i realized that many women needed help with Personal development both in their personal and business life.


Being a Personal development coach i know that i can make an impact on the lives of my fellow women,seeing them succeed gives me that joy and peace of mind that i have accomplished what i had set out to achieve and thus gives me the motivation to continue.


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