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Self Care Challenge Day 4 : Topic Mental Health

Author: Faye Martinez

Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/imfayemartinez


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, or so they say. I personally believe this to be true because we could be dealt with the hardest of cards that breaks us down depending on how we look at it, on how we choose to deal with it.


It’s very difficult to change the perception of people around you but what matters is that you change your perception of yourself first before turning to others. Building a mindset the strengthens resiliency and strives to have better mental health isn’t achieved in a day, it’s a habit and routine that you constantly work to develop over time to work for you.


Short term goals for long-term success.

What you work hard to do today you’ll reap the benefit of it in the future. You’ve probably heard and experienced that the hardest part of any task is to start, gathering all your courage and energy to begin chasing after a goal is difficult- and that’s precisely why we need to do it.


Dithering is contagious; it’s the seed that builds up procrastination and eventually leads to doubt. We need to be disciplined and driven to do the task at had no matter how hauntingly scary it might be, motivation is doing something with love and respect otherwise don’t bother doing it at all. Be committed before you start and be driven to deliver your best because choosing to start is the beginning of success!


Make mistakes and plunge on.

We’re only humans, after all, mistakes don’t mean failure they mean that we’re working to get better. You can’t succeed and move forward without tripping on the way, don’t hold yourself to unattainable and unrealistic standards.


Know that what you can’t change, you have to accept. Nobody is perfect and expecting people to be is a foolish act committed by someone who doesn’t understand that you could be disciplined for behavior but not as a person.


According to Albert Einstein, every difficulty that we face gives us the opportunity that we could never have had walking on eggshells.


Understanding what you want.

Having a lack of direction is frustrating and it is brutal to deal with, everybody has been there at some point in their lives. We have to be lost in order to appreciate what we have and understand what we really have a passion to do.


If you’re going to do something it might as well be something you like doing, Sarah Bulgard says “That living with uncertainty is extremely damaging to your health.” I believe that we all have been stuck in certain circumstances that we felt like robots rather than people, we don’t have to live that way nor should we.


Don’t ever let someone tell you can’t, that’s a lie and a faulty assumption that no one has the right to make.


Don’t be a slave of possessions.

Material things don’t make a person any better, hoarding them and being addicted to having the newest things is unhealthy. The more things that you own, the more things you let own you – a wise quote from Mark Sanborn.


It’s never a good idea to jump on the bandwagon that has an expiration date, it will eventually go bad and out of trend and the cycle of harmful buying behavior will start again.


Learn to be content with what you have and your health not just your wallet will be grateful. The most successful people don’t decorate themselves with unnecessary fads of possessions because they know that it’s not practical nor does it make a difference- will having the latest phone make you a better person?


Community and not competition.

There’s healthy competition and more often than not is the competition that harbors negativity and causes stressful frustrations. If you’re with a group of people that strives to achieve the same goal then what you need to do is not be a competitor but a good team player.


Competition brings out the worst and best in people, it’s a double-edged sword that’s different for everyone. Don’t let envy or anger rear their ugly heads instead choose to exercise good will and be true your nature.


You can get to the top without stepping on people on the way, it should always be that way to achieve success without a guilty conscience.


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