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Author: Em Ducharme
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It’s easy to take care of ourselves when everything is smooth sailing.
Work is going good, the finances are alright, the vacations are upcoming, the balance is there. The kids are healthy, the marriage is strong, the car is not breaking down…
It’s easy. You take baths with salt and candles, you read books in bed, you make pancakes and smoothies on Sunday mornings, you meditate.
It’s easy.
It’s easy to care for ourselves when the house isn’t on fire, right? It’s harder when it is.
When you’re afraid of losing your job.
When you’re behind on your bills.
When you haven’t been able to take a vacation in years.
When your kid has health issues.
When your husband is leaving you.
When your father is dying.
When you get into a car accident.
That’s when you need self-care the most. Weirdly, that’s when we tend to put it off.
The reason why self care has become such an important topic is because our society is sick. It’s addicted to performance. We have forgotten how to care for ourselves. It’s the thing we do at last resort, but it should be the thing we do first and foremost.
Self caring is not always a beautiful thing. We see it on the gram all the time. The crystals, the spas, the beauty mask, the tea, and the bright white smiles. Self caring is not only that.
Self caring is forcing yourself to get out of the bed in the morning to feed your family something healthy.
Self caring is making a financial plan to get out of debts.
Self caring is that gym membership you have been thinking about for years without actually doing it.
Self caring is making the effort to accelerate the healing process.
Self caring is taking that damn bath.
Self caring is turning your phone off all weekend and actually be present with the people you love.
Self caring is making the decision to build the life you want for yourself.
Self caring is looking at the beast in the eyes and tell it: I got this.
Mostly, self caring is looking at the most important person in your life and to love that person. Hint: That person is you.

Here is my mini guide to follow.


Messy house = Messy life

Clean your house. Reorganize your closet. Get rid of what you don’t need. Learn how to live more simply.


Feed yourself right. Don’t eat that junk every week because “you deserve it”. Don’t start next week. Honey, you deserve caviar, not french fries. You’ll feel so much more powerful once you control your eating habits and your body is going to reward you for choosing to put supreme gas in it.


Meditate. It doesn’t have to be the Buddhist style meditation. Meditate for you can mean a walk in the woods by yourself, or sitting on your porch looking outside at the birds, or using a guided meditation you found online. It’s not important. What is important is to actually take the time to just ‘be’.


Turn off the technology. Yes, that also means the TV, but it mainly means your phone, that little device we are all addicted to. Nobody is going to die while your phone is off, and if God forbid that happens, I highly doubt you can do much to save the person. Unless your a doctor, then maybe keep your pager on.


Stop being so hard on yourself. I’ve seen all the SuperMan movies as well, I wish I had superpowers too, but truth is I am human and just like any other human beings I don’t always succeed.

And when I fail, I go back to number one and I start over.

Meet Em. She’s almost 30, but not yet 30. She has traveled to over 40 countries on 6 continents, pursuing her passion for inspiring people while being inspired by them. She has finally found home in Toronto, Canada, where she’s been writing stories about her life, drinking tea, and working on her new baby: 14 Days Of. 
You can follow her adventure on Instagram instagram.com/14daysof find more of her work on www.zebrasuitcase.com 
A warm tea cup is optional but recommended for an ultimate reading experience.

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