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Self Care Challenge: Wanting the best for Yourself

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My freshman year of college I was determined. I was entering a new chapter of my life and was living away from home for the first time. I had been a dancer my whole life and became interested in fitness my sophomore year of high school. When college came around I told myself I would try and eat healthy in order to not be a victim of the freshman 15.


Unfortunately, I was not able to escape my fate. It was on winter break in 2015 that I really noticed how much weight I had gained and how unhappy I was with my choices. College is a difficult place to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Temptation is everywhere. The dining hall food is limited, there is peer pressure from friends, and lets not forget about alcohol!


During my first semester I was working out and being active a decent amount of time, but I was lacking in every other aspect. I was shocked when I realized how much my body had changed in just a few months. I had done the 21 day fix program in September/October and noticed a difference. I was trying my hardest with the meal plan and my roommate and I would workout in our room with textbooks as weights.


It ended up not being enough and my other unhealthy habits took control. We all know that feeling of putting on a pair of jeans and having it not fit like it used to. You ask, what went wrong? The answer is easy, choices.


My sophomore year of college I began commuting to school. This not only helped me financially, but it helped me in my healthy lifestyle tremendously. I was not around all the same temptations I had been the year before. I was going to the gym more (I did try the 21 day fix two more times, with not much success), cooking meals at home, and living a life that I wanted to live.


Now don’t get me wrong, the life I lived freshman year of college I would never take back, but it was not what I wanted for the long run. A healthy lifestyle includes sacrifices, but also so much gains. It’s about having balance. Eating that piece of chocolate cake, just not every night. Going out for drinks with friends, and pacing yourself.


Living a healthy lifestyle also means being okay with change and failure. In the past few years my lifestyle, when it came to my health, has changed dramatically. I have found routines that work for me and ones that don’t. I have felt amazing some days, and awful the next because I fell off the wagon. It’s about getting right back up when you fall, and knowing it could very well happen again.


Most importantly, living a healthy lifestyle is about wanting the best for yourself and being willing to do anything to achieve it.  

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