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July 2018

Pheonix, AZ

The Product Slider

Build unlimited product sliders with the Oakley theme. Each slider includes up to eight affiliate links with matching images in each post. Click on the post to see the custom product slider in the single post view. Fugitio nsecae liquam re natiis res staecon corrorest quiducit fuga. Itatio quos et doluptis earciatur? Totatur Am aliquam cum faccum necuptat pe idem[...]

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Anxiety’s A Bitch, but you Aren’t Alone

To be completely honest it has taken me over a month to post this, I have been having anxiety about posting about anxiety. However I had a talk with my friend Krystina ( side note you all need a Krystina in your life) but I decided that I needed to write about it, it's part of me, I put everything else out there so I know this topic is important. I hope you get someth[...]


Shop Sunday’s : Featuring Evan & Jane

I'VE STARTED A NEW SERIES AND I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE A NEW SHOP EVERY WEEK. I find so many cute gems that its only right that I love on them a bit! This week I am sharing all about Evan & Jane this cute boutique I found through Instagram. PLUS Mica the founder is the sweetest person, all around this is a boutique you are going to want to check out! Check them ou[...]