Anxiety’s A Bitch, but you Aren’t Alone

To be completely honest it has taken me over a month to post this, I have been having anxiety about posting about anxiety. However I had a talk with my friend Krystina ( side note you all need a Krystina in your life) but I decided that I needed to write about it, it’s part of me, I put everything else out there so I know this topic is important. I hope you get something valuable from this post <3 

I struggle with Anxiety, and I am not ashamed to admit that anymore Sometimes, I get into the moods where I feel very overwhelmed, and my anxiety gets a bit out of control and I HATE feeling like that. If I don’t get enough sleep, or I am not eating right, or if I take on too much at one time, or if I wait till the last minute to get things done my anxiety will become worse. I always have to remind myself, to be mindful when I am planning out how much I can and can’t take on, and to always fill my cup up before trying to help someone else. However just like anything I also struggle with consistently so it’s a work in progress.  I made a list of 5 things that help me when I am feeling overwhelmed/anxious hopefully they help you in some way too.


This is so important, in any part of our lives. When we are dealing with a tough situation, or deciding between two things, or deciding between decisions that we are taking the time to step back and relax and to let things flow. I find it so hard to do this sometimes, and then I become overly anxious and react in that state of mind instead of taking the time to step back from a situation and figuring out how I really feel about it. I am not going to lie being anxious and trying to take a step back is really hard, especially because most of the time when we are in the state of anxiety we are having a physical reaction as well as emotional. I’ve learned that I have to talk myself through it, start reading, go for a walk, go to the gym, call a friend to get whats on my mind out. It has taken me so long to get to this point but each year I am learning what works for me and what doesn’t and that takes time.


I have a really bad habit of taking on way too much, I get so excited and want to do so many things but then I get exhausted, burnt out, anxious and it’s because I scheduled so many things except actually taking time for myself. We are all extremely busy, and always on the go whether that be school, work, kids, volunteering, hobbies what it may be we need to take a few minutes each day and check in with ourselves. That is why I am so obsessed with my tea time, my 5 minutes of solitude, baths, working out. These things are my time, and keep my mind in a good state.


THIS IS HUGE!!!!! I don’t know if you are like me but if I don’t get enough sleep I am a hot mess truck coming into to town. I am angry, irritated, drink too much coffee become too jittery, anxious, and agitated. It’s a cycle that took me forever to get under control and still I have times where I go back to this. We aren’t going to be perfect in our health every single day but becoming aware is such a good step.


Here is the issue with this. I will always say yes, yes, yes because I do want to do everything all the time but when the actual day comes I am most likely exhausted, most likely not going to want to which will result in me canceling. I am LEARNING still learning lol that I need to just say no, not because I don’t want to go, or be around that person but because it’s better than cancelling last minute and then me becoming anxious about that. I get anxiety saying no, I also get anxiety cancelling so really I might as well just do the first one!


THIS IS A BIG ONE FOR ME. From age 18-21 I dealt with my anxiety by going out all the time, drinking, and constantly doing things to just not think about it but then I had Brielle and I needed to change A LOT of things. I started eating better, and I started working out but it wasn’t until this year age 25 that I actually got really into nutrition and more consistent with movement. I can 100 percent tell when I am not eating well again, or fall of the wagon or whatever the health industry says that I am feeling more anxious. I know that I NEED to workout consistently or my mental health will be affected. I am not perfect, I have days where I dont care to eat healthy or workout but for the most part I do pretty good, but someday’s I really have to make myself.

These tips are what work for me, You will know what works for you, and if you don’t yet that’s okay to try different things, try different types of movement, try whatever you think will benefit you and if it doesn’t work try something else. Allison Owen talks a lot more about tips to help with anxiety check that out here

I wanted this post to be more than just me talking about how anxiety affects me, or how I deal with it because Anxiety is so much more than that and affects people so differently so I have included blurbs from people who also struggle with anxiety because I wanted us all to know that we are not alone, there is always going to be someone who can relate, or who can help us in some way. 

– Kayla

– India

– Macee

– Mallory (

– Ryan

– Ruby

– Arden

– Marisa M (

– Amanda (

– Jordan

– Karen (

– Denise (

– Jenny

– Amber (

– Sam (

– Ina

– Audrey

– Heather

– Janet(

– Leighann(

– Alyx(

– Lauren

– Krystina (

– Azalee (

– Asya

– Courtney

– Charnel(

– Gigi (

– Dru

– Marisa P.

– Becca(

– Keri

– Shelly (

– Nancy



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  • Shelly
    July 24, 2018

    So glad I could be a part of this! I think it’s so great you are sharing your experience, and others, as well as some tips to help people cope.

  • Ali
    September 1, 2018

    I really struggle with anxiety and I have learned to deal with it with medication, honesty, and humor. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tonya Wilhelm
    September 1, 2018

    Great post. Me time is so important and not used enough. It’s important to connect with yourself.

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