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September 2018


Spot of the Week: Flowers & Bread Co

Flowers & Bread Co I honestly fell in love with this place before I even walked in they have flowers covering the entry way and tea lights for an outside seating area this is my kind of place. What I really loved was the fact that they had a decent sized menu, and it was different from what you normally see at a coffee shop. A Few Details: The outside[...]


Subscription of the Month: FabFitFun

FABFITFUN A LOOK INSIDE : SUSCRIPTION OF THE MONTH   Here is a look at what this month has in their box, if you are looking for a subscription that gives you a little joy each month this one is it (: Have you been wanting to try FabFitFun? use this code refer-hseov1 to get $10.00 off your first box at https://fabfitfun.c[...]


When you feel so overwhelmed

BOOKMARK: FOR WHEN YOU FEEL OVERWHELMED I mean horrible, my daughter knocked my tooth out, Ive been up late working and doing school work, I've fallen off the healthy eating wagon, haven't worked out, and then I got sick ha ha ha you see what I just did there I went right to complaining which is funny because I have done so much work to change my mindset yet I still[...]


Activity Sunday Series

I decided that I needed to get out more, specifically in nature and especially because its about to be Fall In my mind its already fall but in real life its still Summer so I thought what better way to celebrate the best season coming than to get all the fun activities lined up!! I hope you all enjoy and if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to send them m[...]