Instacrush have you heard of it? If not let me tell you, you and your Instagram strategy are missing out!

I joined InstaCrush when it first launched, and I had no doubt that it would be amazing. Katie has been my virtual BFF for a while and we are always running ideas past each other. When she talks about InstaCrush you can tell she has so much PASSION for what she is creating and how much she is helping other people. I have to say my Instagram game is on point and so is my clients from all of the value I have received from InstaCrush. We are constantly trying to figure out the next best thing to uplevel our Instagram well here it is. InstaCrush and the community that comes along with it will not only teach you, and support you but will also help your social media succeed instead of becoming stagnant.

What is InstaCrush and why do you need it you ask? 

Its a community in better terms a society where entrepreneurs, bloggers, small business owners, all of the above anybody who is creative can come together and learn! It’s full of Lessons, Stock Photos, Templates, Graphics, Hashtag Library (which let’s be honest we all need this) Quote Vault, Pre-made captions, pods, educational blog posts, and being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Why I LOVE InstaCrush and why you shouldn’t miss the launch tomorrow! 

  •  Hands down Katie is one of the best people I know, she goes out of her way every month to create content that will educate, and help you uplevel your Instagram game.
  • I mean let’s be real Instagram is constantly changing and having a community where we are being taught the best things to do with the endless support it can’t get better than that now can it?
  • She has brought together different collaborators to bring you the best lessons, and over $750 worth of content each month! I am now a part of this team and I can’t even express to you how much Insta crush has helped myself, and how much I use it to help my clients.
  • She is constantly adding new content, staying on top of trends, providing us with the most update education, and she’s awesome I mean who better to learn from?
  • She has been such a good friend, and mentor to me she has helped me work through so many ideas to really find what I am good at and I am telling you this community she is building will do the same for you!

Now its time to hear from Katie!

Q:  Why did you start InstaCrush? 

A. I have spent the past few years working as a full-service social media manager for other people’s accounts. I wanted to be able to share my knowledge with more people and decided that InstaCrush was the answer. I’m able to serve my audience by sharing everything I know about Instagram and providing all of the resources necessary for growing a successful account!

Q. What is your mission?

A. My mission is to provide easy-to-apply lessons, tutorials, and resources to women who are ready to take their blog or business to the next level through Instagram. I strive to empower women to let their brand shine on social media and attract an audience who will become loyal, supportive followers.

Q. What is your favorite part about Instagram? 

A. My favorite part of Instagram is the aesthetics. I am a graphic designer and nothing pleases me more than beautiful, cohesive feeds. I also love the community and social aspect of Instagram. I’ve made several good friends simply because we connected on Instagram at one point!

Q. What makes InstaCrush so Valuable? 

A. Throughout my business journey, I have purchased and completed countless courses, I have subscribed to at least 5 stock photo sites, I’ve purchased graphics and fonts to create graphics, I’ve spent more hours than I can count messing around on Canva and PhotoShop…basically, I’ve invested a LOT of money into learning everything about Instagram and creating a successful account. With InstaCrush, I took all of these different components (lessons, stock photos, graphics, templates, hashtags, etc.) and put them into one place. Instead of subscribing to 10 different places to get everything you need, you can just join the InstaCrush Society and have access to everything!

Q. What is your favorite part about InstaCrush? 

A. My favorite part of InstaCrush is that it is not a course. It’s not a one-time thing where you go through it and hope that what you learned helps. Instead, it’s a resource that you’ll always have at your fingertips (literally – it’s very mobile-friendly)! Whenever there’s an algorithm change you need to know about, you’ll get an update. Whenever you need content for a hashtag holiday, it’ll be available to you. Instagram is always changing and updating, and your learning is never done. We at InstaCrush work full-time to stay up to date on everything Insta-related so that you can focus on your own brand.

Q. What are 5 Instagram facts about yourself? 

A. 1. My first Instagram post was in June of 2011 – I’ve been Instagramming for over 7 years! 2. The first account I ever grew was my dogs Instagram account. When he started getting things sent to him for free, I realized this was something I could do as a job. 3. My dog and I won “best Instagram to follow” in my yearbook during my senior year of college! 4. I have my bachelors degree in digital media and advertising, a minor in general business, and my major in strategic communication. 5. I am signed into so many Instagram accounts – I had to get a second phone!

Q. What mentors and support people have helped you the most? 

A. I’ve been so lucky to have amazing people help me get to where I am today. I had several professors in college and grad school who pushed me very hard and urged me to keep going with my dream of being a designer. My business coach, Jamie King, has helped me to get my mindset right and to build the confidence I need in order to run my own business. Stephanie Gilbert’s CEOyeah retreat was life-changing, I met incredible people and learning how to run a social media business from Stephanie has been immensely valuable.

Q. What is one piece of advice you would give anyone? 

A. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. There’s no such thing as an overnight success, you just may not have seen the work they put in behind-the-scenes. Don’t let other people’s success discourage you, but rather let it inspire you!

Q. What is one quote you live by? 

A. She believed she could, so she did.


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  • Mallory
    November 20, 2018

    I’m joining soon! I can’t wait!

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