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December 2018


Everything 2018 taught me and how to adopt a growth mindset yourself!

Growth Mindset 2018, this was my goal for 2018 and I can say I definitely accomplished it. I have listed all the ways I adopted a growth mindset and how you can make 2019 your best year yet. 2018 was filled with ups and down.. just like any other year but I will say that my 25th year of life I did adopt more of a growht mindset, more learning, feeding my mind, changi[...]



WHO HERE has been personally victimized by their own doing by neglecting themselves? LOL me! I actually do this quite frequently, I set up a schedule, I eat right, and I workout and then I don't! Then I do, then I don't and the cycle goes on and on. What I have also noticed though is when I don't take care of myself, or don't take a break each day to give myself[...]


Small Business Holiday Shopping Masterlist

I am A  LAST MINUTE Holiday shopper, and by last minute I mean I am still buying gifts two days before Christmas lol I will never change, this is who I am. I thought it was time to make a master list of businesses that have the cutest items, especially for Holiday gifts. I am a big fan of supporting small businesses so check out some of these below! I have included t[...]