WHO HERE has been personally victimized by their own doing by neglecting themselves? LOL me! I actually do this quite frequently, I set up a schedule, I eat right, and I workout and then I don’t! Then I do, then I don’t and the cycle goes on and on. What I have also noticed though is when I don’t take care of myself, or don’t take a break each day to give myself a little self-love that I become a very mean, anxious, tense person. I created a guide for myself because YES I am a list person, and YES I love crossing everything off! We really do hear self-care this, self-care that, do this self-care routine, ect.. the thing is that self-care will look different for each and every one of us. Choose your own path, and do what makes you feel the most cared for.FOCUS ON SELF-CARE OR STAY MISERABLE! ARE YOU READY TO GET YOUR SELF-CARE GAME UP TO PAR?

Do you have a self-care routine, if not you better get one before you jump on that train to burn out city! But in all serious I don’t care if you are the busiest person around town, we all need downtime. YOU need it, say that again, write it down, set an alarm in your phone (or if your like me and have 7 alarms and ignore all of them write yourself a note!) Sometimes I think we are so busy that we forget the things we even like doing, do you ever feel that way? 


We all get busy, we let mundane responsibilities take over, we zone out in front of the t.v, we fall asleep as soon as our head hits the pillow, BUT are you going to do something to make yourself the tiniest bit happier, or are you going to stay miserable? 

Are you happy with your education level? 

Are you happy in your relationship?

Are you happy with yourself? 

Do you want to learn more, go back to school, start a different career, make different choices, but continue to stop yourself? 

It’s about to be the new year, and you are going to see constant reminders to do more, be more, make a resolution. You are probably going to feel a lot of pressure, and then when the new year comes and life gets in the way you are probably not going to stick to that resolution and then you are going to feel guilty and just stop. I challenge you to just do something in the new year that’s not neglecting yourself. Do something that’s going to make you feel good no matter how big or small. Just push forward, just be a little bit better, spend a little more time each day taking care of yourself. It’s awesome to have BIG goals but honestly the small things that you do each day really do matter and if you aren’t taking care of YOU you are going to find it harder, and harder to reach your goals and stick to your resolutions.

Heres a list of things that you can do or not do, its all up to you.

  • Stop fighting for friendships that just fucking suck.
  • Say no when you don’t want to go, or do something.
  • Being busy constantly is not healthy, take time to rest ( this one is for me) 
  • Read more books
  • If you want to change your career, fucking do it Stop making excuses, stop letting people tell you what you should/ can/won’t do and just DO IT.
  • If you want to go back to school. GO it doesn’t matter how old you are. GO.
  • Take time every morning to just relax with your coffee, tea, energy drink whatever your thing is you need this time.
  • Find a hobby you truly love, we are constantly doing mundane tasks make the time for what you actually like. 
  • Eat better, but don’t revolve your life around it. A sweet indulgence here and there isn’t going to hurt you. ( this is also for me) 
  • Do the work in your relationships. Relationships require effort to make the time. 
  • Listen to podcasts, feed your mind you will thank yourself later for it
  • Say goodbye to caring about others opinions, people suck end of story. 
  • Do something outside of your comfort zone, dont ever stop growing.





  • Shelly
    December 29, 2018

    I loved this post! I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately, and I am working on putting myself first and taking care of myself better. Thanks for the words of wisdom! 🙂

  • Delux Designs (DE), LLC
    December 30, 2018

    Great tips! Definitely have a new years resolution to do better with my self-care. Especially with my constant self-sabotaging thoughts holding myself back.

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