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Everything 2018 taught me and how to adopt a growth mindset yourself!

Growth Mindset 2018, this was my goal for 2018 and I can say I definitely accomplished it. I have listed all the ways I adopted a growth mindset and how you can make 2019 your best year yet. 2018 was filled with ups and down.. just like any other year but I will say that my 25th year of life I did adopt more of a growht mindset, more learning, feeding my mind, changing myself, and trying to become a better version of me than any other year. I wanted to take the time to write out everything that I learned from this past year and I realized that this year has really helped me grow as a person.

Let Go.

I learned to let go of friendships, people, family members that aren’t serving my well being. I learned that just because you have been close to someone/people that they don’t have to be in your life. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, it doesn’t have to be a big deal just sometimes friendships/ relationships/ things just don’t last and you have to accept that. We try to hold on to so much and I agree that some things are meant to be held on to and to fight for but some people/relationships are not. Just because you let something go doesn’t mean you, or the other person/people are bad people you just aren’t meant to be in each other’s daily lives and that’s okay! I’m extremely picky about the friends that I keep now.. I use to want quantity over quality but that is not the case anymore. My close friends are blunt, amazing, pick me up no matter what, and have my best interest at heart and I am so thankful for them. ( side note that’s probably the nicest thing I have ever said to them haha)

Go For It.

TO JUST GO FOR IT. I was miserable for a very long time, I kept switching jobs because nothing ever fulfilled me, I always felt miserable, never wanted to get up in the morning for work ( I am not a morning person anyways without coffee but still) I always wanted to do something creative, something different, I wanted to make my own hours so I did it. I finally left my 9-5 and work remotely as a freelance digital marketing manager and I love every second of it. Do I work a lot? Yes. But do I love what I do? HELL YES. Digital Marketing challenges me every single day, and I get to be creating its a win-win id say! Leaving your job to work remote is not everyone’s dream, nor am I telling you to just get up and leave your security blanket however what I am saying is if you want to do something different. DO IT. Stop wasting time, stop second-guessing yourself if you want something more, something different, go for it.

Forget about others opinions.

To stop caring about what everyone and their damn brother thinks when I first started my blog I literally would not write because I would care what other people have though etc. Who the fuck cares.. lol most of the people that will talk shit about your life literally have nothing else to do and are so damn miserable that they would rather talk about you than make any real changes in their life. Don’t let the opinions of others stop YOU from being you, do what makes you happy always. That may sound selfish I don’t really care sometimes its good to be a little selfish do what is best for you.

Love Yourself.

Really focus on loving yourself. We all deal with insecurities, I definitely do but the more we focus on the good things about ourselves, the more we show ourselves a little love, the more we push ourselves to be a better version the better we will feel. It’s really hard work to look in the mirror and admit the things that you want to change, or that you need to fix in your life. Deal with your shit, work through your problems, everyone is always trying to sweep everything under the rug. Bring that shit out in the open and sit with it for a while. Every single one of us goes through struggles, through times where we don’t love ourselves, times where we don’t know what the heck we are doing, we have to learn to accept that and continue to push ourselves forward instead of staying stuck in a miserable state.

Continue To Grow.

Always continue to grow, it doesn’t matter if that’s within yourself, within your relationships, with your career, or with school, or just feeding your mind in general. Keep growing, keep feeding your mind, keep pushing yourself to be better. Actually, find the things that you love doing and pursue them. Find people who push you to be better, find mentors, find people that actually have things in common with and let those relationships flourish. I have seriously met so many amazing people online in the last year through blogging, through starting to offer digital marketing services, through the online world and it’s amazing all of the knowlege I have been taught from each of these people!

Look Forward.

While 2018 brought me a lot of change, 2019 is going to allow me to reach a lot of my goals and I am so excited. I know you keep seeing the pressure of a new years resolution but I don’t like that, we put so much time and thought into what we want to do and then when life gets in the way we don’t end up doing it and then we feel guilty and just completely stop. Pick one word, just one word of how you want 2019 to go mines is the focus. I want to focus on the things that I really want to accomplish and that’s it. I want to get one step closer to all of my goals, I want to focus on my future and everything I want to happen. I hope you all have a great New Year! Let me know below what your word is for 2019 – Alexa

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