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February 2019


#TuesdaysThoughts with Dr. Zach Thomas

One Thing in Common Do you know a child that is experiencing or has experienced ear infections, colic, constipation, asthma, ADD, ADHD, sensory challenges, or Autism? What is the one thing that all these things have in common? They are all common to many children in the United States? Yes. 20-25% of babies (2 weeks to 3 months) experience colic Alm[...]


#TuesdayThoughts Featuring Pete Rizzi from Rebel Health

You Give Fruit a Bad Name We’ve heard so many clients say that “Fruit just doesn’t agree with me.” When asked why, one of the most popular responses is: “It makes me feel bloated, gassy, or causes abdominal discomfort and pain.”   To address this common reason for avoiding fruit let’s start by examining two very important facts: [...]