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March 2019

Thriving Hot Mess&body=Check out this article from Healthy Dash of Sass:">

Frazzled Hot Mess –> Thriving Hot Mess

I am extremely excited about this series, I have never gone into detail about why I started this blog or my story so I thought why not introduce it with my story. See if you would have asked me a couple of years ago if I would have left a 9-5, almost been done with my Bachelor's degree, loved myself, and started a full service creative agency I would have laughed. I[...]


Learning to check in with yourself.

Sometimes we all need a reminder that when stress, responsibilities, mundane tasks take over that we need to schedule time each week to fill out cups up. We all need a little reminder that slowing down is necessary, having rest days is necessary, it doesn't matter how big your goal is you will reach it, especially if you slow down and take time to rest. I try to be o[...]


#TuesdayThoughts 3 Grounding Apps for Panic Attacks

#TuesdayThoughts: Panic Attacks by Amy Tackett Panic attacks are characterized by the sudden onset of anxiety, meaning they can happen to anyone at any time. Symptoms vary, but the most common ones include hyperventilation, chest pain, and one or more irrational fears. The physical effects of a panic attack can wreak havoc on your body, often leaving one drained a[...]