7 Must-Have Amazon Products This Week

I love AMAZON, I think we can all agree that once Amazon reels you in you are stuck scrolling for what seems like hours because of all the good things, and let’s not even get started on that prime shipping. For a society that needs instant gratification, Amazon truly knows how to serve us well.

So lets get to the point I thought it would be fun to start doing my top 7 pick from Amazon each week. I know I love good recommendations I am hoping that you do as well! Since I have moved into my apartment I have been on Amazon more than ever so check out this weeks Top 7 below.

Product #1 Amazon Basics Felt Tip Pens

If you are a pen lover like me, then you will love these pens by Amazon Basics. They have all the colors your heart could desire in the package and they write so well. If you are a pen lover like me check them out here

Product #2 Wooden Mail Organizer

Raise your hand if you love a good welcome or command center? I sure do this mail organizer is perfect to keep your mail organized and your keys in set place so you aren’t running around wondering where your keys are every morning. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s adorable check it out here

Product #3 Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you work on a computer all day like me you know that your eyes can get very tired. In my case, I get migraines very easily so it’s a must for my glasses to have blue light blocking on them. This can also be used even if you don’t work on the computer you can use these for looking at your phone as well. I love cute items and these glasses do not disappoint. Check them out here

Product #4 Woven Storage Baskets

I think we can all agree that we have things that we want to hide or that just look messy. I used these storage baskets to hide chargers and different items in my office to make it look more well put together. Other ways to use it to hold extra skincare or stock items in the kitchen/bedroom. They are adorable and come in different sizes. Check them out here.

Product #5 Succulent Pot Holders

If you are anything like me keeping plants alive is not your forte. I love succulents because they bring greenery to your space but are easy to maintain. I found these adorable succulent pot holders and I think we could all use a little spice in our spaces. Check them out here.

Product #6 Tea Caddy

Calling all tea lovers if you love a good cup of tea then I know you probably love cute ways to hold your tea bags. Check out this adorable tea bag caddy. Nothing better than a cute way to display one of your favorite things am I right? Check it out here

Product #7 Coffee Mat

Calling all coffee lovers to check out this cute way to make your coffee station stand out. We all love a good coffee station this mat just helps pull the whole area together. Check it out here

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