Activity Sunday Series

I decided that I needed to get out more, specifically in nature and especially because its about to be Fall In my mind its already fall but in real life its still Summer so I thought what better way to celebrate the best season coming than to get all the fun activities lined up!! I hope you all enjoy and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to send them my way!


This Sunday I went to Hadleys (which by the way if you haven’t been here you need to get a boozy shake you won’t be dissapointex)

After we decide to rent a Lime Bike and it was the funnest experience. We got all the good sights downtown and we rode right down the Scioto River which was scenic to say the least. If you haven’t done a scooter tour of your city, YOU have to put this on your to do list. We used they have quite a few locations, but if not I am sure you can find one near you!

Let me know your experience below, HAPPY SUNDAY!

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