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For the past couple of months I have been adding in Stress Fighter from Rebl Jane and let me just tell you I feel a lot calmer and focused. When you are trying to run an agency, be a good mom, finish school, maintain your relationships, and take care of your mental health you can get overwhelmed real fast and that is when I came across a brand called Rebl Jane.

I was feeling burnt out, exhausted, and of course my anxiety was getting out of control. I heard about Rebl Jane and thought why not? I am a big advocate for finding what works for you. This is my opinion, and you should always take the time to research the best things for your body and talk to your doctor. 

I added Stress Fighter to my supplement routine and I absolutely love the results and how I am feeling. I love finding brands who actually care and who go out of their way to create products that will help others. Rebl Jane is a brand I will always root for because they go the extra mile 🙂

Why you need to try it based on my opinion: 

A lot of us are constantly on the go, go, go. Kids, responsibilities, work, school, sports, you name it we live in a society where we are all hustling daily. Stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and having a supplement like Stress Fighter helps us keep our body balanced. If you have been feeling a bit stressed out lately its no wonder you need this mini bff to help out! While I could go on and on talking about how great this supplement is I love hearing from the brand themselves. Let’s hear from the owners themselves below 🙂 

What is Rebl Jane?

REBL Jane is a transparent supplement company dedicated to the modern woman

What made you create Stress Fighter?

We spent months talking to women about what health symptoms they were experiencing most frequently. We kept hearing that stress was a major factor in their daily lives. We also knew from our years of supplement experience, the science behind certain herbs reducing stress was very strong.

Why should I take Stress Fighter?

Stress Fighter allows you to just be a better version of yourself. Even if you’re not in a high-stress environment, it helps you function at a  higher level through better sleep and adapting to your stress response. Our most common comment that we hear from our customers is that they just feel better.

What makes Stress Fighter different?

The first thing that really makes Stress Fighter stand out is its clinical dosing. The four ingredients in Stress Fighter have the exact mg’s that have been proven to help support stress reduction. A common practice within the supplement industry is to add dozens of small amounts of ingredients to a product to make it look more “complete”. These companies will use a proprietary blend to hide the small doses. In reality, the dose is so small that they will have little or no effect. We also work closely with our manufactures to globally source the most potent and highest quality raw ingredients possible. 

When is the best time in the day to take Stress Fighter?

Consistency is key when taking adaptogenic herbs. Whatever time in your day that allows you to remain consistent, is best.

What is the mission behind Rebl Jane?

Our long term goal for REBL Jane is to re-invest $1 Million dollars back into women-owned businesses by the year 2027.

Find out more about Rebl Jane and to see if Stress Fighter is right for you at this link: https://rebljane.com

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