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Monthly Round Up: Products you need to Check out

I am a huge fan of trying new things, and finding new products that work for me and that I love so I put together this list that of products that are the bees knees! Check them out I hope you love them as much as I do 🙂 1.  Cultivated Candle Co.  I was so excited to find Cultivated Candle Co, for two reasons one being they are local to Columbus, and secondly they have such cute products and…

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Books of the Month – March

March Books of the Month: 1.Grace not Perfection by Emily Ley I love this book for so many reason a big one being how it is set up, I love the layout and the colors used it really draws you in. This book is a huge reminder to not focus on being so perfect all the time, we have so many things to do every single day it’s okay to step back and simplify. 2. Love in my Language by Alexandra…

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Support Saturday: Amara Marie Beauty

You guys I have to talk about Amara Marie for a little bit, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS COMPANY and their products. Not only are the products great and they work well with my skin, and have amazing ingredients, but Syanna is also such a great person and this mother/daughter duo is rocking it. She is always promoting wellness and so much great information can be found at her Syanna Wand and her podcast with Melanie Morton called The…

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February Favorites

I thought it would be fun to incorporate a monthy favorites post about the products that I can’t get enough of, I love finding new things, so I thought it would be great if I shared some really awesome products that I have been using! Here are my favorite things from Feburary definitely check some of them out, you wont be dissapointed 🙂 Collagen Peptides in to go style – These babies are the bees knees, collagen is good for…

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Support Saturday: Organic to Green

I hope you all are enjoying these support Saturday’s as much as I am, I love talking about brands that have really good products, and products that I use daily! I first tried Organic to Green when I won some of their Coco Oils in a giveaway, and I loved them! I really loved the fact that I could put them right in my purse and that they can be used for many things a cleanser, make up remover, shaving…

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Spend Saturday’s Exploring

Spending Saturday’s exploring and brunching with friends has started becoming one of my favorite things to do. I think a lot has to do with the fact that I am a mom so any time I get a few hours to myself it would be nice no matter what I am doing! I just really enjoy coffee, food, and conversation! Here is some really wonderful places you have to check out next time you are in Columbus, Ohio  We randomly…

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Support Saturday: Cocokind Skincare

In the last year I realized how important it was to truly start taking care of my skin, and to really start looking into what I was using daily and how I could find a skincare routine that was: 1. Affordable 2. Actually good for my skin  3. A quick and easy routine I found that through Instagram actually I kept seeing things about a Matcha stick which obviously caught my eye so I started looking into more products and…

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Exploring Columbus: Week Two

I have been having so much fun exploring Columbus lately, I am finding the cutest little spots. I definitely am finding a love for this city, but only in the day, I still need to be in bed by 9:00 pm ha ha. Next time your in Columbus, Ohio take a stop at these places. Here’s some highlights to my little tour of German Village and all the cuteness it had to offer. Let me just say this is my…

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Support Saturday: BootayBag

It’s that time of the month y’all.. you know the time of the month when you receive BootayBag in the mail and all is well?! Let me just tell you how refreshing it is to get BootayBag in the mail. Firstly because it’s not a bill, and secondly every month is adorable with different colors and it’s two pairs for $12.00 a month now that’s a subscription I can get behind.. I hope you enjoyed that pun right there 🙂…

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