Community is Everything: Find your People ✨

I think sometimes it’s hard for us to truly admit that we need other people, for many different reasons. I think that we like to think we can do everything on our own, or the way we were raised was to not ask for help, or we think it makes us look weak, or we have too much pride, or we don’t feel like we have people we can lean on whatever the reason may be it truly hinders our growth. I mean we try to do everything constantly without support and then we get burnt out. We then become a version of ourselves that we don’t recognize coupled with stress, exhausted, anxiety, and any other emotion that may come up. We don’t realize that this could truly be avoided if we just realized how important community is in our lives and how beneficial to our well being community can be. If we actually took a step back and looked at the pros of having a community backing us up, I think we would be more likely to go out of our way to ensure that we have one.

Community is the bomb because:

– You have people who will drop everything to show up for you
– You have people who understand you
– You have people you can lean on in the good times and the bad
– You have people who will help you grow
– You have people who push you to be better
– You have people who will be there to just listen to you without judging you
– You have people who are going through the same thing and they can relate
– You have people that have been through what you have been through and can provide guidance
– You have people who will hold you accountable

We are meant to lean on others, we are meant to have close relationships, we are meant to have connection and in this time it seems so uncommon. People don’t put effort into anything anymore and then wonder why we have no one in our lives who would back us up when shit goes wrong. Most relationships that we see are so superficial, and then when something happens those relationships crumble because they were never real genuine connections. This doesn’t have to be you, just because others don’t recognize the benefits of having a true community back you up doesn’t mean you can’t have this, or that it’s not out there believe me it is. I know it seems hard to make friends nowadays, but you can find people like this you just have to go out of your way and step out of your comfort zone.

Ways to find a tribe/your community:

– Join a group/coaching program (I joined SCR and have the constant support of community DAILY)
– Join facebook groups (THERE ARE SO MANY, find something you like and I am sure there is a facebook group for it)
– Follow people who are inspiring and start interacting
– Join a gym
– If you are religious join a small group like minded people meet weekly, really beneficial and they have online groups as well 🙂
– Take classes (such as painting, making art, cooking, wellness, anything you enjoy really)
– Start Volunteering for organizations that you love, and you will find people doing the same
– The biggest thing I would say is know what your hobbies are and then pursue them, the community will follow!

The last thing I want to mention and truly want to stress about community though, is that when talking about community i’m not talking about having a lot of friends. Sure you can have a lot of friends but that doesn’t mean they are your community. Many people keep others in their lives just so they don’t feel alone. A community is full of people who inspire you, who back you up no matter what you are going through, who provide a judgement free zone, who are there to push you forward, who are there to guide you, who are actually real and are genuinely a part of your life, and who are truly accepting. It’s easy to get the two mixed up so I hope that you are taking the time to realize how important it is to build your community with genuine people and not continue to consider people who wouldn’t do any of the above as a friend because that shit is definitely not beneficial to your well being or growth.

Take care and go find your community, we all deserve to have our people.


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