Frazzled Hot Mess –> Thriving Hot Mess

I am extremely excited about this series, I have never gone into detail about why I started this blog or my story so I thought why not introduce it with my story. See if you would have asked me a couple of years ago if I would have left a 9-5, almost been done with my Bachelor’s degree, loved myself, and started a full service creative agency I would have laughed. I was such a mess, my anxiety was out of control, I had no real goals, I didn’t like myself, and my life was 110% a mess. I have grown so much in the past few years it’s not even funny, I did not like who I was but I can tell you now I love myself, I am proud of myself, and I hope that my writing can help you in some way. I find so much therapy in sitting down and just letting my thoughts flow, I hope that you can find some value in this series.

You will always be a hot mess..

You see I have always and will always be a hot mess, we all are in some way a hot mess. This is why when other people are being judgemental I just want to tell them to shut the fuck up. We all have issues, we all go through struggles, we are all better in some area than another person, we all have our flaws and we all do stupid shit. What I have learned is that yes we can grow, yes we can change habits, yes we can become a better version of ourselves but shit will always hit the fan, we will always make mistakes, we will always do things in ways that other people dont understand and thats okay.

What I want for you from this series..

I want you to feel less alone. I want you to feel like you have a community who understands you. I want you to feel like you can and will change with effort, I want you to feel like you will and can become a better version of yourself. Healthy Dash of Sass was created when I was struggling hard with my mindset, with anxiety, with a stressful relationship, with learning how to be a great parent, when I was struggling to figure out who I am and what I want for myself. I want you to come to this blog and feel like it’s your little home of understanding. I want you to feel like you have support, and that you aren’t alone when you come to this site.

What this series is about..

We are going to cover everything from loving yourself, a morning routine, an evening routine, your relationships, what you do on a daily basis, your habits, time management, managing stress, filling your cup up, finding out what you want, balancing motherhood and your individuality, how to pursue your passion. how to let go of the opinions of others, why your mindset is the most important, why you need to check in with yourself consistently.

How I went from frazzled hot mess -to thriving hot mess

It’s always weird to talk deep about myself, yes I love to write but to get deep about myself feels weird to me still. A few years ago I was 110% a mess my mindset was fucked, I cared about nothing. I would deal with my issues by going out, I had no goals, I had no direction but I just kept going with it why not and then I got pregnant with Brielle. I was never the type of person who wanted kids, but if I am being 110% honest she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She made me look at my life and change, she made me want more. I slowly stopped being such a shitty person with a shitty attitude and started surrounding myself with really great people, I started writing more, I started to enjoy things more. My boyfriend Cody and I didn’t always have such a great relationship it was very rocky in the first couple of years with a new baby, anxiety issues on my part, and him struggling with addiction. However through all of that, we are in a really good place now.

What I learned..

Heres the thing, I don’t regret anything yes it was horrible and hard, and stressful and sad but at the end of the day I have grown so much from going through everything that I have and so has he. Our relationship has been through so much and we are at a really good place now, did it take a lot of work to get here? Yes. but like I said I would of never of known my passion for mental health, or helping others if I wasn’t with him. I will always be an advocate for mental health, I will always try to help anyone whose family member/ loved one/friend is going through addiction. It’s very true that the things we go through shape us for who we are meant to be I truly believe that. CHANGE is possible, working on yourself is necessary, finding yourself and what you truly love is the best feeling around and you can have it too.

Looking Forward..

When I started blogging it was sort of an escape for me, a place where I could go and release all of the thoughts in my mind. It was my place, I had no idea that a year later I would have met so many amazing people, would have built a creative agency and do what I love every single day. The whole point of me telling you this is if you really want something if you really want change, if you really want to feel better you can you just have to put in the work and I hope this series can be part of that work for you. I hope you love this series!

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