Learning to check in with yourself.

Sometimes we all need a reminder that when stress, responsibilities, mundane tasks take over that we need to schedule time each week to fill out cups up. We all need a little reminder that slowing down is necessary, having rest days is necessary, it doesn’t matter how big your goal is you will reach it, especially if you slow down and take time to rest. I try to be on top of my self-care routine and even I have to be reminded to slow down and reflect on what I need when things get really busy and stressful.

OH MAN, I’ve been struggling with headaches hard lately, and you know it’s 110% because I havent been checking in with myself. I have been pushing through being overly stressed, a momma, full-time student, and starting Healthy Dash of Social and I havent had time to slow down one bit. Well yall, it has caught up to me, is tress the importance of self-care and even I have a hard time checking in with myself. When I/we dont take the time to find the balance things start getting out of whack.

Why it’s important to slow down

It’s so important to take time fill our cups up, to check in with ourselves, to reflect, to basically look in the mirror every so often to make sure you are taking the best care of yourself. It’s hard especially when responsibilities creep up and in my case when I am extremely passionate about something I just want to go for it, I have a hard time stopping because I get so excited and passionate. Creating Healthy Dash of Social is the best decisions I made, but its also been very stressful, I work very long hours, and well I havent taken a whole day off in a couple of months. I know that some of you can relate you are constantly on the go, go, go and not taking the time to be mindful of what your body needs.

When stress adds up

Because I haven’t taken the time in the past few months to check in with myself as much as I should be I am now:

  • Exhausted
  • Getting Headaches Every Day
  • Not taking the time to make healthier meals as much as i would like
  • Not taking the time to work out consistently
  • Irritable
  • Not able to focus as much on school
  • and the list goes on..

The reason why I am making this such a priority to write about is that sometimes you just need someone to sit you down and tell you to check in with YOU. My boyfriend and best friend do a really good job of this, they like to tell me how it is, you need to surround yourself with people like this because really we do get in the zone with whatever tasks we are focused on career building, finishing school, being a parent, starting a new project, family issues, stress, financial issues whatever it may be when things come in our lives and take over its hard to focus on the self-care we need.

I know I need the following:

  • 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
  • To have a mommy-daughter date every week.
  • To work out at least 3x a day
  • To make healthier meals in the crockpot because I am busy and this works for my lifestyle.
  • Time with significant other/ friends
  • Time alone to read
  • To go on an adventure every couple of months
  • To watch my favorite shows with a cup of tea before bed.
  • To write at least once a week

I challenge you to make your list, set yourself up a nice little reflection day at the end of the week and see how much you are doing the things that fill your cup up!

Making the time to slow down

Guess how much I have been accomplishing that list in the past couple of months? Only slightly.. I have been putting work above my mental health and everything I need and that just doesn’t fly around here. I know that it’s hard, that we constantly have to remind ourselves to check in, but I challenge you to make YOUR list and to really be mindful if you are doing those things or not because running yourself dry isn’t going to do anything for you but hold you back believe me self-care is necessary. I know it’s hard to slow down believe me when I get an idea, or I get passionate about something I want it, and I want it now. I am so impatient but what’s even better is not being in a funk, being able to create without a headache, being able to work without a headache, being present in other areas of my life, getting homework done and being able to focus while I do it.

We all need a little reminder that slowing down is necessary, having rest days is necessary, it doesn’t matter how big your goal is you will reach it, and this is for me as well we dont need to be on constant hustle mode to make things happen. If we find the balance by working hard and filling up our cups we will be thriving a hell of a lot better. Our overall quality of life will be better, and we will be able to be fully present in our passion/job and our life. A little piece of advice to you and to myself make the time to slow down each week.

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