Monthly Round Up: Products you need to Check out

I am a huge fan of trying new things, and finding new products that work for me and that I love so I put together this list that of products that are the bees knees! Check them out I hope you love them as much as I do 🙂

1.  Cultivated Candle Co. 

I was so excited to find Cultivated Candle Co, for two reasons one being they are local to Columbus, and secondly they have such cute products and I love candles. I received Irish Meadow and Misted Moss and I LOVE THEM BOTH + it’s a win when they come in an adorable mason jar! Good Detailing, they mix candles with cute antiques for decorations really check out all the neat things they put candles in here! Another thing I really like about this company is that they have a blog to give tips on how to decorate your home, I think that’s really neat! Lastly you all should check out the bright colors of their spring collection here I need ALL of them!! USE CODE dashofsass to save 10%

Here’s my favorites so far:

Misted Moss

Left: Misted Moss

Right: Irish Meadow

Irish Meadow


2. Wish you Were Northwest – This is my first product that I have received from Wish you were Northwest and I am obsessed. This sweatshirt is so comfortable, I no lie probably wear this thing almost every night. It’s so soft on the inside, its comforting, and not to mention its cute. Check them out here  because basically everything they make is adorable.

Sweatshirt: Clear Skies, Wool Socks, Can’t Lose

3. Hope Foods – To say I am obsessed with Hummus, is saying things lightly ha ha. I eat hummus every single day it’s the perfect snack paired with veggies. I finally found a company that I love, and love all of the hummus they make. I really love the Black Garlic, and Original! Check the rest of the flavors out here

Black Garlic Hummus is where it’s at 

4. Amara Marie Beauty – This skincare company makes me so happy, partly because Syanna is awesome and the other part is the ingredients are so clean! They truly thrive on making better products for people and I love that! I will say though, my favorite product is the Body Butter it makes my skin feel so good, it’s easy to take with me everywhere, and I use it a lot for my hands when they become dry. Check the rest of their products out here

Body Butter 

5. Kettle&Fire – This bone broth is literally one fire, this product is so awesome! Bone broth is helpful for digestion, and rich in minerals. I love coming home in the evening and warming up a cup of this deliciousness. Check it out “Kettle & Fire Chicken Bone Broth and Mushroom Chicken Bone Broth Pack of 2 16.2 FL OZ

Chicken Bone Broth 

6. Suja Juice – Sometimes I stray away from the hot drinks, and pick up a cold one this would be one of those. Occasionally I will have a good juice, and this is one of the companies that I do like. They have so many different flavors to pick from, I am a fan of Ginger Love, Lemon Love, & The Mighty Dozen. They have a flavor for everyone though, check them all out here

Ginger Love and Lemon Love are the BEST.

7. STASHER BAG – These products are seriously awesome, cute colors, different sizes!!! I use some for food, others for carrying supplements, but you can really use them for anything! They are challenging people to rethink plastic,  check these out here

I love the pop of colors!




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