When you feel so overwhelmed


I mean horrible, my daughter knocked my tooth out, Ive been up late working and doing school work, I’ve fallen off the healthy eating wagon, haven’t worked out, and then I got sick ha ha ha you see what I just did there I went right to complaining which is funny because I have done so much work to change my mindset yet I still have days where I hate the world like TODAY. I was strolling through target this morning, which I think we can all agree target is the best stress reliever they have a little bit of everything you could WANT. I came across a book called 100 Days of Thanks. I think this gave me a little push to realize that yes i’m overwhelmed, and i’m complaining when really in this time I should be practicing more gratitude. I have this issue where when I feel overwhelmed I just like to bitch, or complain and yet nothing gets resolved and I feel even more miserable after. You think I would learn right? No thats not the case here lol I decided to make myself a little list, I am a list person all the way. For when I am feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tired, exhausted, or just wake up and hate the world (because hey, it happens?)



Its easy to just complain, believe me I am the queen of it, when I don’t like something, when I don’t want to do something, when I feel uncomfortable I will complain but it does nothing for me or my mindset. Take time to write down something you are grateful for, hell it could just be the fact that nothing shitty happened in the last hour whatever it may be just write it down after a week see how you feel.


Dude self care is important I don’t care what anyone says, it is selfish good we should be more selfish when it comes to loving ourselves and making sure we are good. Life is stressful, and we have to rely on ourselves for a lot so why not be a little selfish. Set a few alarms everyday to do something nice for yourself, a cup of tea, read a few minutes of a book, listen to a podcast, workout, meet a friend for coffee, take yourself out for coffee, binge watch a episode of your favorite show, make yourself something hella good, whatever it is it doesn’t have to be big DO IT.

STEP 3: Learn to say NO

I have trouble with this especially when it comes to my professional life, not really in my personal life usually if I don’t feel like doing something I just don’t show up, that sounds kind of shitty but sometimes I am just tired. We need to be like this in all aspects of life, I think its hard for a lot of us to say no especially when we know we should. We say yes to extra responsibilities when we are already on the verge of burn out, we say yes to an event when we know we have so much going on that day but we don’t want to miss out, we say yes to help somebody out even when we know we aren’t going to have the time/ or energy to really show up for them. Its okay to say no, its okay to miss things, its not okay to continually run yourself in the ground. Boundaries are huge I know I struggle  with this a lot.

STEP 4: Learn to like being alone

sometimes to me it feels weird to be alone, especially when Brielle isn’t around instead of appreciating that time I do get, I am always looking to see what I can do next, what project I can take on, what task I can complete, what friend I can plan something with but IN REALITY I need that time alone, I need to just relax, to just read, take a bath, go on a walk, sit outside, go on an adventure, just to be ME.


  • Be mindful of your headspace
  • Take on tasks that you know you can complete, when someone reaches out for me learn to have boundaries
  • Prioritize alone time especially when you are stressed
  • Find your thing that makes you happy and try to do it weekly
  • Learn your triggers, and find ways to work through them
  • Make time for friends, but don’t overload yourself that you stop showing up ( THIS IS ME)
  • Get enough rest
  • Plan your weeks out so you aren’t stressing when you forget things( If you are like me I have three planners, and an online calendar and still forget so just do the best you can LOL)
  • Practice Gratitude every single day, we become so content that we don’t appreciate what we have and who is in our lives as much as we should
  • Your mental health is so important always check in with yourself to see what you need to feel better
  • Reach out, talk it out, don’t keep everything inside your head find that one person who you can vent to and will guide you and make you laugh through the shitty times
  • Step out into nature, I don’t know what it is but nothing is more calming then being in nature

When you feel overwhelmed what are your top 4 things you do to feel better?

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