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Self Care Challenge Starting October 17th


  • October 17 : WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN

What is your goal of starting this challenge, what are you wanting to change in your life, what do you want to start doing for yourself so that you feel better and have more energy?

  • October 18 : DESIGNATE ME TIME

Write down in your planner, in your phone, in a notebook times just for yourself. WE ALL NEED ALONE TIME, even if you are the busiest person on the planet you can still schedule in 5 minutes for yourself.

  • October 19: ORDER A NEW BOOK

We are constantly on technology, try to take a step back and order a book thats going to help you in some way search for a self care book, search for a finance book, search for a book to learn more about your passions or just order a fiction book to take a step out of reality for a few minutes. I have a list of good books here

  • October 20 : FIND A PODCAST FOR YOU

FEED YOUR MIND, this is so important, podcasts are amazing they have so many different topics find one for you and listen to it weekly change up the way you get information. heres a list of recommendations

  • October 21: REFLECTION

Take today, to reflect on what isn’t working within your life and what you would like to change and why.


Movement is so important, I can’t even express the difference in my mindset when I am working out and when I am slacking. Find some type of movement that you LOVE you don’t have to be in the gym 5+ times a week, you can walk everyday, you can add yoga or pilates into the mix, just find one thing that you love and keep doing it!


stop with the fad diets, the shakes every meal its not sustainable, do your best to switch things out. Switch out creamer for collagen, switch out eating out every other night for crock pot meals, switch out dairy for nut milks and so on.

  • October 24: GET ORGANIZED 

This is really important, whether its your car, your life, your house, your finances whatever you need to do take today to organize.

  • October 25: LOOK IN THE MIRROR

Its time to hold yourself accountable, look in the mirror and write down ways that you self sabotage, ways that you aren’t showing up for yourself or others and ways that you can change this.


This is a HUGE one for me especially since I work in digital marketing, and I also have a blog I can get caught up in being on my phone always. Ive learned to set boundaries take one day a week and say GOODBYE to SOCIAL MEDIA.


We are all very busy, but if we don’t make time to do the things we love we are on a one way route to BURN OUT city.

  • October 28: What do you love about yourself?

Take Today to write down 5 things that you like about YOU. We are constantly comparing ourselves to other people that does nothing but bring us down.

  • October 29: Show Kindness to yourself/treat yo self

YOU deserve to be pampered, show yourself some love today!

  • October 30th: Gratitude 

This is the last day of the challenge, and I challenge you to make a gratitude list.

Join me on Instagram www.instagram.com/healthydashofsass for 2 weeks to up our self care game!

I’m starting this challenge, because I’ve noticed that I haven’t been focused on my self care as much as I was because of how busy Ive been and that doesn’t sit well with me. I would love for all of us to come together and up our self care game to finish out October feeling great! Leave me a comment below if you are JOINING IN 🙂

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