Small Business Holiday Shopping Masterlist

I am A  LAST MINUTE Holiday shopper, and by last minute I mean I am still buying gifts two days before Christmas lol I will never change, this is who I am. I thought it was time to make a master list of businesses that have the cutest items, especially for Holiday gifts. I am a big fan of supporting small businesses so check out some of these below! I have included their website link but also a link to their Instagram feed because I think your Instagram shows your personality and that’s my jam! Let me know below your favorite small business to buy from 🙂

I started with my top 20 Small Businesses to buy from, then at the bottom, you will see the rest catagorized in a huge list just click on their logo and it will take you directly to their website! 

  1. Cultivated Candle Co. : Website 

  • This is for you if you are a candle lover, and especially if you are an antique lover
  • My Favorite scent right now is Bourbon Butterscotch!
  • Instagram

2. Natterdoodle : Website

  • If you like creative items this is definitely the store for you. Bright, Bold, and Unique I love it!
  • Instagram 

3. FabFitFun : Website

  • A new box each season, filled with amazing products now if that doesnt make you happy I am not sure what will.
  • Instagram

4. BootayBag : Website

  • Two new pairs of cute undies for $13.00 a month what gets better than that?
  • Instagram 

5. Frankie Jean : Website 

  • They have the cutest items especially hats, check out the tacos one below!
  • Instagram

6. Meredee Designs : Website

  • Meredith is the kindest person you will meet, and she also creates the cutest hates, beanies, and accesories
  • I love her wrap bracelets, ohio patch hats, be a light beanies, so basically I like everything she makes!
  • Instagram

7. Tubows : Website 

  • Brielle loves her unicorn bow and ohio state bow from Tubows and thats saying something because she never wants to wear bows or even keep a hair tie in lol.
  • The cutest apparel and accessories I would say!
  • Instagram

8. Wish You Were Northwest : Website

  • I am in love with this store, I love the outdoorsy feel and especially the photos that they create with their products.
  • Instagram

9. Apricot Lane Peoria ONLINE : Website

  • Hands down the cutest store, I basically always want everything they sell!
  • Somehow they have the cutest shoes every single time I log on as well!
  • Instagram

10. Ridicously Good Salsa : Website

  • THE BEST SALSA I HAVE EVER TASTED, if you are looking for something to take to a holiday party, or just for a good snack each week check out this company.
  • Instagram

11. Mizuba Tea Co : Website

  • MY FAVORITE MATCHA EVER. I love this company, and I will continue to drink their matcha because its amazing.
  • If you are looking to try Matcha check them out!
  • Instagram

12. Ancient Nutrition : Website

  • My favorite wellness brand, I love the products they make I use their supplements, Bone Broth Protein, Collagen I love it all.
  • I also love that they spread knowledge all over social media which I find helpful!
  • Instagram

13. Vellabox : Website

  • A candle subscription? Hello, sign me up!
  • The cutest little box sent to you, id say that’s the best kind of mail!
  • Instagram

14. Klassy Shop : Website

  • This is the perfect gift for someone who works on the computer all day, or works and goes to school, or definitely someone like me who works in digital marketing.
  • Blue Blockers are so great I no longer get headaches, and they are also cute!
  • Instagram

15. Tru Self Organics : Website 

  • Are you in need of a good mask? Or a new skin care routine? Check out TruSelf
  • I really enjoy using their masks 1-2 a week!
  • Instagram

16. Holistic Beauties : Website

  • 1. I love the fact that they refer to a face cleanser as your best face friend. How cute is that?
  • 2. I love my face bff makes my skin feel so great!
  • Instagram

17. Jord Watches : Website 

  • I got the cutest watch from here earlier this year, and It goes with everything!
  • Instagram

18. Amore Lee Cosmestics : Website 

  • One Raven is an amazing person, and she makes the best products especially the bath bombs!
  • Two I tried the Matcha Scrub from her and I fell in love with her products!
  • Instagram

19. The Bouquet Bar : Website 

  • I love getting these little bouquet bars in the mail its candy, and flowers and then the second one was candy and a succulent!
  • Instagram

20. Retro Moon Jewels : Website

  • In my opinion some of the cutest accessories around!
  • Instagram 

21. Happy Go Lucky : Website 

  • You will find some of the cutest items around here!


On to the next part of this list! 

Creative Gifts:

Shopping + Accesories: 




Let me know what products you end up getting because this list is on fire!!!!!


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