Support Saturday: Vital Proteins Lover for life

I thought it was time that I wrote a blog post about Vital Proteins, I use it enough, maybe pretty obsessed with their products because they are all so great. Here are my top favorites and why you should be adding collagen to your routine đŸ™‚

First and most important all of their collagen products will give you these benefits, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose! You can add it in basically anything but I usually just add it into hot drinks, it dissolves quickly and I cant taste it!

Collagen is great because:

  • Improves health of your skin and hair
  • Decreases swelling in your joints
  • Helps with leaky gut
  • It can help boost your metabolism
  • So good for your skin helps reduce cellulite and stretch marks


Lets talk about this creamer, I’m usually the type of person to drink my coffee black but I have been adding this creamer to it lately and its delicious and frothy. This is a healthier alternative to regular creamer. Better ingredients still a great taste I’d say that’s a win-win! Its Whole30 approved and it has MCT’s, healthy fats which boosts your energy! They have Coconut, Vanilla, and Gingerbread! You can add this in food, and drinks but I usually just add it to my coffee! Check them out here


Next they have MATCHA COLLAGEN!! I am so excited about this because its already mixed for me! 2 in 1 product which makes it so great, plus I like the taste of it and its good quality which is awesome. If you have been wanting to try Matcha and Collagen I would suggest this so you don’t have to buy two different products! Check it out here


It’s also so good in baking, these pancakes were delicious.


You can also go the more simpler route and just purchase Collagen alone. They have Wild Caught Marine Collagen, Grass Fed Collagen Peptides, Grass Fed Beef Gelatin, and a lot more flavors you can check those out here


Vital Proteins also has a line of Collagen Beauty Water, I loved this Lavender/Lemon flavor and usually add it to my Tea when I drink it, just stir it right in! They have more flavors if Lavender/Lemon isn’t your cup of tea, check them out here


Lastly, if you are on the go a lot these would be great because you can buy a box of to go packets. Stash them at work, stash them in your purses and bags, in your car. These are really convenient to have! Get those here

These are just my favorite products that I use constantly. They have more products such as Whey, Greens(good addition to add into your smoothies for extra nutrients), Bone Broths which are extremely good for you and comforting during the colder season, or if you’re like me even when it gets warm out. Check everything else out here

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