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4 tips to stay Motivated

MOTIVATION = DISCIPLINE . CONSISTENCY. REST. LETTING GO OF THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS All the time I see people become exhausted and quit, or give up, or just stop doing the things they were doing to continue a good habit, to get a better career, to gain more education, to be a better person, to find a more fulfilled life. We constantly see things that tell you just stay motivated, just strive for motivation, just keep going bu the problem…

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5 In Mindset

Finding Balance

I use to have a really hard time with finding balance, I would either be too overwhelmed or I would have feelings of the fact that I don’t feel like I am doing enough ,or pushing myself enough. I would go from one extreme to another and what would happen would be that I would try to take on too many things at once and then become overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted. & to be honest I still have to constantly…

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