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The Many Faces of Perseverance: Topic Persevere no Matter what Others have to say

  My story of perseverance actually doesn’t start with me, it starts with my parents. Both of my parents left their countries in their 20s to better themselves and reach their fullest potential. My mother is from Puerto Rico and my father is from Egypt. They met on the streets of New York and got married soon after. I was born in New York and lived there for about 9 years. After a few bad years of barely surviving, my…

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The Many Faces of Perseverance: Topic You Actually Don’t Want This

You Actually Don’t Want This. Have you ever wondered why God wouldn’t give you something that you were SO SURE would be great? Have you spent time begging God to give you something you really wanted like a new job you applied for or a date from a man you talk to sometimes who is really kind? Did you hear a no, did the job never call for an interview and the man never follow through for a date? Or…

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