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The Many Faces of Perseverance: Topic You Actually Don’t Want This

You Actually Don’t Want This. Have you ever wondered why God wouldn’t give you something that you were SO SURE would be great? Have you spent time begging God to give you something you really wanted like a new job you applied for or a date from a man you talk to sometimes who is really kind? Did you hear a no, did the job never call for an interview and the man never follow through for a date? Or…

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1 In Wellness

Wellness Wednesday: 8 Tips for Taking Your Life Back and Starting a Gym Routine by Brittany Lupton

8 TIPS FOR TAKING YOUR LIFE BACK AND STARTING A GYM ROUTINE   Everyone wants to be HAPPY, everyone wants to be FIT, everyone wants to feel GOOD. So where does it all start? How do you start? I’ll let you in on my journey, then tell you what you can do to start your very own.   I feel as though all of our health and wellness journeys come to us at different times. and although I was an…

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