Wellness Wednesday: Talking Essential Oils with @1oilforlife

In the past year, I have been loving learning about Essential Oils and how I can incorporate them into my daily routine. I am not going to lie though, I definitely stick to my little group of favorites which are Lavender, Cedarwood, Wild Orange, Lemon, and Balance but I thought it would be awesome to have a little Q + A with my friend Lindsay who is rocking this essential oil world! I hope you all gain a little bit of insight from this post, if you have any more questions dont hesitate to follow Lindsay, I am constantly learning more things from her and how to use more of the oils!

Q: Lindsay, Why do you use essential oils?

A. I use essential oils because they have so many great benefits! Like being antibacterial, antiviral and name a few!

Q. Why did you chose Doterra over the other brands out there?

A. I chose doTerra based on their rigorous testing methods and the solid integrity of the company. They feel like family

Q. How do essential oils help you specifically?

A. Essential oils work for us by being fat soluable amd easily absorbed into our blood stream. Therefor we can get results faster than some medication thatmay have some harmful side effects. We use them for all kinds of daily ailments like tummy aches, headaches, muscle aches, hormonal issues, moods, and disenfecting!

Q. If you had to recommend starting oils what would they be?

A. Starting oils is easy. It’s just replacing an old habit with a new one. Put them in the place where you reach for your over the counter meds or creams. Always do your research when it comes to oils! There are a lot of fakes out there!

Q. Your Top 5 and their uses?

A. My top 5 go to oils are Melaleuca because it’s super versatile, i love it for skin issues (especially on the spot acne!) Lavender for calming and skin as well, it’s great with anything in the diffuser! Frankincense for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits. Lemon for it’s gentle detoxing ways, plus it smells heavenly and is great for cleaning! On guard would be in my top 5 as well! I could not live without this blend. It is great for EVERYTHING! Cleaning, sickness prevention,

and it’s a work-horse when you are sick! It’s properties help your body recover fast! It also comes in many forms from doterra. There’s laundry soap, concentrated cleaner, toothpaste, onguard capsules for when you are down with the crud and so on!

There are way more than 5 that I couldn’t live without but that’s going to get you started! There are some great kits that doterra has put together for people just starting out to.

Thank you Lindsay, for all of your guidance 🙂

When I first started using oils I am not going to lie you all, I was OVERWHELMED I didn’t even know what I should start with so I went with a kit, and once I got the kit I had so many oils and didn’t know the right way to use any of them yet, so I just stuck to using Lavender. Don’t get my wrong I use Lavender for so many great things but Lindsay sent me this huge book with all the information you need to start your Essential Oil journey. It’s definitely useful, especially when you order a new oil that you aren’t use to using yet. As of right now here is the little group that I use daily:

1.  Lavender

  • I diffuse Lavender and Cedarwood before bed because it’s extremely calming
  • If I feel extra anxious I will put some on my wrists
  • I use a few drops in my baths, to promote more calm
  • also helpful for tension headaches, and irritated skin

2. Cedarwood

  • Mixed with Lavender and diffused nightly
  • Can be applied to your chest for cough and sinus issues going on
  • Helps to ease anxiety can be applied to the bottom of your feet
  • Can also help with skin issues such as Acne, Psoriasis, and Exzema

3. Lemon

  • I use this in the morning to wake me up mixed with Wild Orange, and to motivate me to get the day moving
  • Add to your morning water for detox and promotes good digestion
  • Can help with allergy relief
  • Can help with concentration

4. Wild Orange

  • Diffuse to balance energy and uplift your mood, definitely try mixing it with lemon in your morning!
  • Can also be added to a glass of water for detox
  • Can be added to your dishes for a sweeter flavor
  • A helpful aid when it’s cold season

5. Balance

  • This is diffused when I come home from work, it definitely promotes relaxtion
  • Helps promote a restful night of sleep
  • If you want to feel ZEN this one is for you
  • Can help with anxious feelings


The winner will receive: This huge Essential Oil book with all the good information, A mini guide, Peppermint Essential oil, and a Herbal lip balm!

  • All you need to do is comment below an essential oil that you LOVE!
  • & follow 1oilforlife

Winner will be chosen this Sunday 02/25/18 at 5:00pm 🙂

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