I thrive in the self-help world, it’s my favorite type of book to read. As I am reading through Rachel Hollis’s new book Girl, Stop Apologizing it really lights a fire under me. Her words are extremely inspiring and she walks you through action steps of continuing to grow, evolve, and go after what you want. Why you need to go after what you want and why you shouldn’t allow anyone to get in the way of that.

“How many of you reading this are living half-lives, or worse is a shadow of who you were truly meant to be because someone in your life doesn’t fully appreciate or understand you?” @msrachelhollis ⁣

This really lit a fire in me because I have done so much in the last 2 years to get to the place that I am now. I was holding myself back and I think a lot of people are for different reasons they aren’t sure what they want, they are surrounding themselves with people who dont even support them, they are doubtful and dont know how to work through it, they really want something different but allow fear to keep them stuck. We all have our things, we all have our reasons but at the end of the day you have to decide to stay miserable or to actually work for what you wat. I hope you choose the latter.

Little food for thought: ⁣

✔️People will always judge you, especially people who aren’t doing anything that they truly want. ⁣

✔️ You won’t ever truly feel fulfilled if you are letting the opinions of others stop you from going after what you want. ⁣

✔️Stop playing small because other people have something to say, learn to say fuck off in the nicest way possible of course and then go on your merry way and continue to live for YOU. ⁣

✔️If something isn’t making you happy change it. If the people in your life don’t support you and uplift you say ✌🏻and then go surround yourself with people that do. ⁣

✔️If you really want to accomplish something, if you really have a goal stop letting things stop you and work for it. ⁣

Do you know how many people made fun of me for starting a blog? I still kept doing it, and I’ve met so many amazing people along the way, I’ve grown so much, and I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with so many incredible brands. ⁣This little blog has impacted me so much and has helped me grow tremendously. I get to write, which I LOVE, I get to meet incredible people daily which have now resulted in real friendships, and not to mention I have had the opportunity to work with amazing brands. Blogging is a lot of work, but its extremely rewarding if you stick with it. If you have a blog and you are worried about what other people think dont. You will meet so many people that the people who are judging you arent even worth a second thought.

When I left my 9-5 I would get question after question and people telling me not do it, ect. The biggest thing I have learned is that people will always give you their opinion based on what is going on with them. If someone is putting your dream, or something you are working very hard for down that is a reflection of them not being satisfied with their lives. Ignore them and continue on, you dont need the approval of anyone but yourself.

If you really want something GO FULL FORCE AND GET IT. Now I run a boutique creative agency https://healthydashofsocial.com and have an amazing team backing it up! ⁣Ive been so busy that I havent really had the chance to sit back and pat myself on the back for all the work I have been putting into this. I am so extremely thankful that I get to do what I am passionate about every single day. Is it stressful? Absolutely. Is it a lot of work? 100 percent. Is it worth it? Extremely. They say anything worth having doesn’t come easy and that’s the damn truth.

I cannot stress this enough, you CANNOT let other people determine your future. You cannot let people decide what you get to do for you. You cant let peoples opinions get in your way of accomplishing what you want. DO IT, who cares if you are judged, atleast you have the courage to go out there and go after what you want and thats more than most can say. Go after what you want no matter what anyone says because at the end of the day they won’t have to deal with the regret you will. 💯⁣

Are you letting the opinions of others stop you from something? Lets chat about it below 👇🏻👇🏻

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